12 01 2015


Its a balmy 30 degrees today, no coat need in the barn although water was frozen in the chicken area.  It was very cold last evening.




For many years having a house full of cats I realize a snow day means lots of wonderful things to them.  Some cats sleep the day away but Willie knows that there will be birds in the lilac bushes. Most of his day will be watching them fly from the feeder to the bushes.


Sam on the other hand has found the newly mended sweater and will spend his day happily dozing on that.


Shorty has found a pile of wool which I need to put away and is napping on that and Owen and Baby are seeping together in a quiet room downstairs near the food.


The sweater was found in a box of things from Belchertown.  I had forgotten about it.  Its hand-spun from a wool and silk combination from my friend Ceacy.  Done in the early 90’s it sat in this box.   It had 4 or 5 mice holes and I was worried about how I would mend it.  Its not a great job but worked out okay.  I am wearing the sweater daily as the wool is soft and warm.


I can remember my Grandmother teaching me how to crochet this rug as a teenager.  I think it was a large project for someone who didn’t know how to crochet but I learned.  The increases were the difficult part and I learned a lot from making this rug.  My Grandmother was an accomplished crocheter.  SHe made elaborate tablecloths and doilies. It was a passion of hers and you could see it in her work.  I have gone on to make many crocheted things and enjoy it .

This rug had a few holes from years of wear and I fixed it as best I could and it will again be on the floors of this house.


  It was made out of Aunt Lydia’s Rug yarn which at that time was cotton. When cleaning the attic I found a stash of the yarn and an unfinished piece which I hope to finish this winter.

I find mending to be an uplifting thing to do.   You are making something usable again and the memories from the piece come flooding back.  I remember buying the wonderful wool from Ceacy.  I remember spinning and making the sweater and wearing it.  Doing the rug I remember the sweet days of my Grandmother showing me how to crochet.  Priceless moments that were shared between us.

Today we are having a gentle snow, the temps are warm and it may turn to sleet later this afternoon.  The birds are very active and its fun watching them.  I hope you have a wonderful day and many thanks for reading my blog.  Carole 

Pea fowl at Pine Hill Flying to and fro Saturday while we were knitting.

Pea fowl at Pine Hill Flying to and fro Saturday while we were knitting.



16 11 2013


Today was a beautiful warm day, I wish I could have spent more time doing some outdoor chores.  I needed to get more medicine for the chickens and go to the dump.  


I got 4 eggs today.  We will be back to normal in no time.  Hazel’s crow is almost as good as new,  I wonder if he will be able to go back to the coop or have to stay in for the winter.  If he has to stay in I will have to get a large bird-cage and move him upstairs.  I thought Lucy would like to go out today but now I think that wasn’t a good idea.  SHe is back inside and I will have to find a larger cage for her.



The front door is very drafty and today I found this material that I really like and I bought some cotton batting at the local fabric store.  I will get going on this one and one for the upstairs door this week, that will keep the cold out.  I very rarely use the front door anyway so this winter it will be closed permanently.



I bought this sweater last year, it had moth holes in it and I immediately put it in the freezer for a few months.  I have felted it and now I am cutting it up for mittens.  Tomorrow I will sew them on the machine.  I think I can get 4 or 5 pairs of mittens out of this sweater.

Hot Chocolate Mix


I love hot chocolate in the winter.  The mixes are so expensive and are full of all sorts of things I can pronounce.  This year I have made a simple mix.  The contents are just unsweetened chocolate, sugar and salt.  I made a double batch and had my first cup tonight.  Of course I did add miniature marshmallows.

We are in for a cold snap and tonight I can feel it.  I hope you had a wonderful day and many thanks for taking the time to ready my blog.   Carole