22 05 2016


Another beautiful day with some rain coming in tomorrow.


I have unknowingly been practicing Permaculture here since the year after I moved.   It all started with mowing grass.  Since the house is located near the bottom of a mountain the land is hilly.  Mowing the front lawn was a challenge and after the first year of struggling I decided to plant it with flowers and shrubs.  

I have now lived here over 18 years and feel satisfied with the changes.  I still have lots more work to do but the hardest part is done.

The barn cleanings both from the chickens and the sheep are spread around the yard and in the pathways.  Large plantings of Bleeding Hearts made spring a delight.  I have also planted two more Lilac bushes, Eventually the front will be full of shrubs, bleeding hearts  and Lilies.  I have plantings of trees and bushes where the birds can hide and feed in winter and hope to get another group like this going in the back this simmer.  This year there has been a record number of birds visiting and building their nests here.


I plan on putting in a red raspberry bed in this spring and already have a blackberry bed started. In the fall I will prepare an area for strawberries.  This year my poor little heirloom MacIntosh tree had three blossoms on it.  This was the tree tat the cement workers broke and patched together with electrical tape!  

This all can be done on small acreage.  I have a little over 1/2 an acre





All was well after this morning’s feeding or so I thought.  I heard a lot of commotion in the barn and went to check.  The fencing was down the other 3 sheep were in the hay area and Maude had her head stuck in the fence.  What a predicament.  I was so upset.  It seems like something is happening often with the fence.  I really didn’t want to go to the expense of putting up a permanent fence there.  Luckily Lauren and the boys came over and fixed it up.  Now the fence is stronger and I think it will last till the end of summer when they all can be together.  

Many thanks for reading my blog today and I hope you have a wonderful day.



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5 08 2012



Let me introduce you to Morticia.  I bought her last year.  SHe is another Bantam.  SHe is now sharing the duties of egg laying.  In less than 20 days the eggs should start hatching.  I will keep you all posted. Oh thats Molly or Dolly next to her.   MOlly and Dolly were given to me and so I really don’ t know who is who.  Whenever I want their attention I call Molly or Dolly and their heads pop up

The Blackberries are ripening fast now.   Every day I pick a handful and deposit them on the cookie sheet in the freezer.

The pumpkin is finished and the backing cut out.  Tonight I will hand sew the backing on and stuff it.    I started another pattern of pumpkins last night.  It’s a pattern by Woolen Memories, I believe that its called cats and pumpkins.  It’s a large piece and I will have to order some wool for the background.  I think I want the background done in purples.  I will have a picture for you tomorrow.  Marley get another reprieve.  We had terrible thunder storms yesterday with rain.  Although he didn’t go out in the rain it’s so damp here today his wool is damp too so no shearing.  We are hoping to get it done some evening this week.  He will be happy when its done. Thanks for taking the time to read my blog.  Happy Day To You