5 08 2015


The humidity is finally gone again,  More good sleeping weather.


We spent a fun few hours on the North Branch River this week.  




The boys swam and dug out a deep part and I sat and knit.  The gentle sound of the water was so relaxing.





I have been adding herbs to the coops and yesterday I added some Tansy Flowers.  I have noticed a big decrease in flies this year so it really helps and Tansies are  everywhere.  Its time to start picking them for the house.

Today there was an ad on our online poultry group , Free 3 birds 3 years old don’t lay much.  My chickens live out their lives on the farm I have a 13-year-old bird who lays only in the summer and one blue egg every other day.  Other hens over 5 years old lay almost every day.  I do not put a light on during the winter I let them take their natural resting period but do get enough eggs to get me through the winter.  I usually buy one or two birds just ready to lay in the fall.  That insures eggs all winter long .  I hope those birds find a home, wish I had the room to take them.  


I can’t go out in the garden without some helpers knowing they will get any weeds that are pulled


The heirloom radishes and beets are doing so well this year.


 Wish I had planted more beets.  My tomatoes are less than satisfactory this year.


This loom was given to me many years ago and I think all the pieces are there.  I stored it in my barn thinking I would be moving  where there would be a larger barn.  It needs to go.  Please give it a home. Must be picked up in Colrain.



Many thanks for reading my blog on this delightful summer day.  Hope the day brings you great weather.  Carole


25 08 2012


This is what I did with some of the Tansy.   I was given this broken picnic basket and it was headed for the dump.  It looks so much different with the tansy in it and I will put it in the dining

room when I finish painting the walls.  I kept all the leaves and stems and layed them on the bottom, they have such a wonderful smell and are hidden with the flowers.    A touch of fall.


Yesterday I did some hooking while at the river.  I have found some finer handspun wool yarn and am going to make a few pins.  I hope to finish this in a day or two.  The hardest part of these pumpkins is not the hooking but sewing on the backing and mixing herbs to put inside and the stem which needs to be glued on.              


Her is Amelia and Charlotte.  Both hens came from an organic farm replacing older hens with new ones.  They both came to me with  no feathers on their backsides.  Charlotte grew hers back but no such luck with Amelia.  I have used BLUECOTE on her every other day to prevent anymore pecking but nothing has seemed to work.  I now think she will never get those feathers back and I will have to be watchful of her.  It was a good lesson for me as I just thought everything Organic was good.  It’s not necessarily true.  Being organic means that you have to be vigilant of everything.   I try to be but am not always successful.  It does give one something to think about.


I have included a picture of my Scarlet Runner Beans.  I planted them to late and they are just starting to blossom.  If I am lucky I might have  some beans before frost.  I like to plant them near the outside coops.  They quickly grow over the top and provide shade and beauty in the summer months.


Life on the Farm

2 08 2012


Sadie at bedtime

Now that Sadie is old she needs special food and  needs to eat away from the rest of the sheep.  I mix her food and feed the rest and sit down in a chair which I have in the barn.  Thunder was rolling around in the distance last night and I relaxed after a busy day.  I am glad that I have this special time with her.  She can take her time eating without the worry of someone stealing all the food.   I got to thinking when the barn was full of border Leicester sheep.   They were  so wonderful and they loved to sleep out at night.  Sadie still sleeps out and Elliott the llama stays with her.  In the morning she alerts the other sheep that I am up and breakfast will be served soon.  Baa Baa Baa till I get up there.  I do appreciate the sheep I have now, the girls, Sally and Lucy are sweet and Marley is am imp, loving when he wants to be and naughty some of the time.  There was a time when I was down to 2 sheep and thought that maybe when they are gone I wouldn’t get any more.   Then came the call about 2 sheep needing a home and then the call to give Marley a home.  I have had sheep for so long I wouldn’t want to be without them  I have help from my son and a good farm sitter named Jen so there is no reason not to have them.



I bought this book during the winter sometime and skimmed through it and put it on the bookshelf.

I recently got the book out and started reading it.  I was looking for different dye recipe’s for sumac.  I came across a page that had familiar flowers.  In fact I hated these flowers and have been trying to get rid of them for years.  After blooming they have these small seeds which stick to your sweaters, pants and socks and to wool.  They are hard to get off and many times I have found them in the sheep’s wool.  Well now the flowers have a name and I am all for keeping them.  They are called Biden (tickseed sunflower).  They do look like tiny sunflowers and grow freely everywhere.  They produce a lovely orange dye.  This morning I have picked as many as I could reach, leaving the 10% rule of flowers.  Tomorrow I will report how the dyeing went.   I hope to dye a small skein of wool and  a medium swatch of wool fabric.  I highly recommend this book for first time natural dyers or seasoned natural dyers.  Its chock full of information on all the plants and full of information on getting lots of colors.

  I made this swag this morning in about 10 minutes.  I had some artemesia from the yard.(I have seen this on the roadside everywhere)  Mine was about 3 feet long.  Artemesia has a wonder smell and is another insect repeller.  More on this tomorrow.


Sam, Tansies and Wild FLowers

1 08 2012


Hello, Let me introduce you to Sam.  He is 17 years old.  Today he and Ernest Dodge went to the vets for thyroid checks..  I found Sam and his two brothers and his sister at a barn where I used to buy hay.  The woman who owned the farm told me that their mother had been killed on the road.  She was feeding them but planned to drown them!!!!  I will never understand why people feel that they have to do that where there are so many places that will take kittens and place them in good homes. She said I could have them.  For the next 4 weeks I took one home each time I bought hay.  Sam was the first.  He was eager to get in the car.  Don’t tell the other cats but he is my favorite cat.  Today he is getting ready to nap in his favorite basket, the vets was such an ordeal for him. (I wish my doctors appointments

could be that easy )  They even give him treats before he leaves, I only get a bill when I go to the doctors

.After  everyone was settle in I decided to go and pick Tansies.  Every year I pick them and dry them and put them in every room.  I either hang them in bunches, makes swags with them ot put them in vases.  The leaves have a pleasant order and the flowers stay bright for many months before turning into a lovely primitive gold.

The will help keep insects at bay.  I can’t grow many of them on my property as the soil is too good.  They need sandy, rocky soil to really thrive.

I stopped on my way home and picked these flowers.  I love having flowers all around its so cheerful.  I usually plant lots of annuals but this year time got away from me.

I have a book which I write down the things I want to do in the garden next year, that is on the top of my list.
We are supposed to have rain tonight and tomorrow.  I hope we get it as the rivers are still low.                                          Good day to you.