14 08 2017





Freezing sweet corn , drying lemon balm, digging up  garlic,picking tansy and artemisia, waiting for the tomatoes to ripen are some of the things I love about summer.  the house smells of herbs and flowers .


On Saturday my youngest daughter, Betty had to put her beloved horse Beamer down.  He was a beauty who came to her as a young horse from Western Canada.   He was the perfect horse for her.   A registered Morgan who was loved by everyone who met him.   The decisions that we who love our animals more than life itself have to make are never easy, but they have to be made for the animal sake.  Run free Beamer you and Betty will be together again someday.


It all started with a ride to Brattleboro, Vermont to look at appliances.  We didn’t have much luck there but we did see a sign saying doors and window for sale.  This was Deconstruction Works of the former renew store.   We asked about cabinets and he said to follow him on Facebook and so I did  In less than a week he  had cabinets from a home he was working on.    $250. for 6 pieces seemed like a bargain price.  They were a darker maple color and it came with a counter top and sink.


Measurements were taken and they would fit nicely.   I plan to get a new counter top and will have the new/old sink that I bought put in it.  Now they are on the porch awaiting the other things to get done  I really like the idea of reusing and the trip to Newfane, Vermont was delightful.  The house was located on a muddy dirt road with a wonderful field and meadow and beautiful views.  It had a lovely large birch tree close by and a huge stone wall.


Yesterday I went to visit friends and wind a warp.  Charlie and Ken live in a lovely cottage by the side of a babbling brook.

And there are many wonderful gardens.

 Charlie wanted to weave again and I told him about the Structo Loom used by The Springfield Weavers to show people how to weave.  He remembered seeing the group at The Massachusetts Sheep and Wool Fest this year.    A couple of weeks ago he purchased on   eBay and  yesterday I wound a warp for scarves out of mohair boucle.

  There is enough warp to weave 4 or 5 scarves.  Ken made a delightful lunch and Charlie and I spent a delightful afternoon.

Heading to the Heath Fair on Saturday.   Come and visit me at the large tent.  I hope to be spinning.  Many thanks for reading my blog.   Carole






12 08 2017


Very humid and some rain, my ideal weather.  My Roma tomatoes are  doing well, my cukes and pumpkins did not fair well , after two planting i have two cucumbers and a few pumpkins.  It was such a wet spring here that the seeds rotted.  Many of the sweet corn growers had there seeds rot twice and  grew starts and that is why some farms are so late in selling their corn.


The kitchen was a long needed much awaited and dreaded project.  It should have been done the year after i moved in but there were sills,  roofs to replace and the list goes on and on.      The decision was made and the work started  very soon after.  My family and friends have continued to be supportive and helpful in every way.   My son David is the person who started it all.  One of the main reasons for getting this done is that my knee is much worse and at this point I don’t know if another replacement is possible or will work.  So at some point I may be in a wheel chair for part of the time and need things to be workable.

The rat infestation was part of it too, they were eating through the walls and did other damage.  I am happy to say that most of them have packed their bags and the rest will be trapped.  There was hardly any insulation and some of the flooring was rotted because of the bad sink and a leaking pipe which we didn’t know about..  The floor required lots of work for Pat, my neighbor and my house fixer. 

Things will be moved around to make it more workable.  The fridge will be turned around,  having it face the work area will make things so much easier.  The pantry already has and additional door facing the kitchen.  This will make it easier too and I will be able to find things better.  The stove will be moved to the corner  which will make things easier and all the cabinets will have backs and bottoms!!!!!!!!  I will have more storage area and more work area and the kitchen will be more organized.  Yea!!!!

Pat was able to move my Great Grandmothers window and paced it above the new counter facing  pantry door.

This is phase one of the kitchen the second phase will be the wood stove area.  The stove and Goshen Stones which it stands on will have to be moved and a new foundation will have to be built, other cabinets will be removed and at this point I don’t know what else will happen.    Getting through the first part is all I can think about..

Help has come in all forms, from family and friends, thank you all for encouragement and help.

I am recovering from a fall in which I bent my unbendable knee which made me realize even more why this renovation was so needed.

Not being able to find things has been my nemesis these days.  A few days ago I put my car key down and it disappeared.   With only one key It meant that i was grounded.  For those who have never lost a key I am telling you how important it is to not do this.  My car had to be towed to the nearest dodge dealer and this simple key cost 110.  You can either pay the fee or not drive.  There ought to be a aw against this type of gouging.  I really despise the way cars have a hold on us today.  We have to have them but———————-

Many thanks for reading my blog on this lovely summer day.   Carole




29 12 2015


Snow on the ground this morning with sleet falling now. Temps are suppose to go up above freezing today so it may be mostly gone by tomorrow.  Chris and I hope to cut some small trees down tomorrow.


I topped off the feeders and made more coconut feed mix yesterday.  This morning I added a peanut butter/seed and nut mix to a feeder that a neighbor made and within 5 minutes one of the neighborhood squirrels was there.When I lived in a city squirrels were everywhere there are not so many here.  I enjoy their antics.



I love making these mittens and they are so warm.  I took a class in Connecticut in the early 90’s and have been hooked since.  The fleece layer eventually felts and makes these mittens double layered.  The yarn is from my first flock of sheep (Border Leicesters) and my goat Timmy.  I plan on making a few more pairs this winter.



I am repairing these socks again.  I have had them since the 90’s and they have been repaired many times.  The stripes are from my first cat Fluffy.  They are warm and comfortable like an old pair of shoes.

I have lots of unfinished knitting  projects lying around and want to get caught up this winter.


Chris and I managed to finish most of the outside projects since he arrived.  First he did the barn window which needed to be put up and then yesterday he put the piece of plywood over the dryer vent.  For some reason ice forms on the attic roof and piles up so that I have to dig out the dryer vent every so often.  This will make things easier.  We got the last of the chicken coops covered and stuff put away.   Just in time for today’s storm


The cats have settled in, they love dark, snowy days but Cosmo has decided to venture out of his rooms,maybe someday he will join the other cats.

Sammu in his hut on top of the radiator

Sammy in his hut on top of the radiator


Willie and Shorty in their places on the sofa

Cosmo exploring today

Cosmo exploring today

Hope you have a wonderful day and many thanks for reading my blog.  Carole




25 04 2014





The show is looking for more teams to compete in the Sheep to Shawl event.  You would need a weaver and 3 spinners.  It’s a fun event and not too late to enter.  contact Susan at for more information.  This is a celebration year for the show.  Its been going strong for 40 years.  Come and help us celebrate.  Always Memorial Day weekend (Saturday and Sunday) at beautiful Cummington, Massachusetts.


Chris and I replaced the floor boards on the front porch They weren’t as bad as was previously thought.


 I will paint the entire porch floor in June sometime. Yesterday the sheep area was finally finished.  Its been quite a week full of catching up on projects.  Thanks to Chris I am almost done.


The workmen are almost done with the cement work.  I now have a railing on the front stairs.



 The entire house will have to be painted again starting sometime this summer.  I know that with all the cracks filled in, the house will be warmer.  Another huge project done.




I am happy to report that Minnie is back to her old self.  She is eating well and active.  Thanks for all your well wishes.  I have done some research on the internet and want to find out more about homeopathy.  That may be a way to go with the disease.

It’s going to be in the 60’s today and the sun is out, I am so glad spring has finally come.  The vet is coming to check on Elliott who has a rash.  I think it may be from the dampness in the barn.  I hope its nothing more.  He is feeling fine and frisky so that is a good sign.  I had to put off his shearing which was supposed to be today.  We will do it another time. Have a wonderful day and many thanks for reading my blog.  Carole