29 05 2015


Much needed rain came last night with heart pounding thunderstorms.  We may get more of the same later this morning.  The farmer I buy my tomatoes plants and corn from is investing in an irrigations system this year.  It’s probably a smart move t get it now the way the weather is changing.  Tonight the humid air has gone and its a lot cooler.  Great sleeping weather.  I bought a few veggie plants yesterday including fennel which I have never grow.



Upon reading many articles about more and more food coming from China I have spent more time in the grocery store throughly checking labels of food I intend to buy.  I wanted to make Ambrosia, a delightful treat that my Aunt Helen used to make and while its loaded with bad things once in a while is fine in my book.  I went down the canned fruit isle and to my surprise nothing I wanted to buy there came from the states.  Pineapple was the most surprising, I always though that it came from Hawaii.  mandarin Oranges , China.  I am really trying not to buy items from CHina but it’s extremely hard.  I just bought a printer last week and of course its made in CHina, I had no choice.  I really hope that we as a country can get back l all the jobs that were lost to China and come back to having safe foods.  


Its located in the apple tree.  Don’t know what kind of bird lives in it but it could be a Baltimore Oriole nest.  I also saw a robin nearby buy its kind of elaborate for a Robin.  Last years dried out pumpkin vines are woven into the nest and the ends flying in the breeze.


2 packages of these gems came in the mail today from Cindy.  They are hard to find and when she does find them she puts them in the mail.  I found these on my first trip to Ireland and they are non GMO .  Great with a cuppa.





I lock them in their house every night and tonight was a perfect night to sit with them till they were ready to go in.  WHen I got out there he was inside fluffing up the nest and calling for her.  She just wasn’t ready to go in and he kept calling and calling finally he went out and followed her around.  Both chatting to each other.  I think he was saying its time to get into bed and she was saying I would like to find one more bug.  THey are settled in for the night now still chatting to each other.


My bay tree is showing a lot of new growth.  I used it so much during the winter for soup and stews.  I think I will repot it soon.


Had to get hay today so leaving you with a picture from the farm.  Hope you have a wonderful evening and many thanks for reading my blog.    Carole


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17 04 2013



Morticia likes being in the coop were the hens are not aggressive.     In the front coop the hens pick on her and her head is bald.  But yesterday when the chickens in the front coop went out she slipped through a tiny opening in the door and went out with them.  Nightfall she was back with her friends.  She is a bantam and I have become very fond of them.




This was a surprising article.  You may be safer eating organic but you should know what company produces the food you eat.  It’s certainly something they don’t want you to know.  All of these below listed companies along with chemical companies gave money to defeat  Prop. 37, the California right to know GMO labeling initiative.  It was defeated in November,

Pepsi owns Naked Juice, Tostito’s organic and Tropicana Organic

Kraft owns Boco Burgers

Coke owns Honest Tea, and Odwalla

General Mills owns Muir Glen, and Cascadian Farm

The above companies donated more than 1 million dollars each towards defeating  Prop. 37.

As hard as it will be for me I will avoid these companies.   They are for profit only and don’t care about the land or the people who buy their products.


Today was a beautiful day in the hills of Western Mass.  We did get the loom moved down stairs.  When I was doing a couple of rooms over upstairs I gave no thought of moving anything.  We had a hard time getting it through a smaller doorway, if the loom was any bigger it would have to stay.  The next time the boys come we will get the other loom down and it will be easier because the loom folds up easier.

I hope you have a wonderful day and thank you so much for reading my blog.            Carole



27 02 2013


Heavy snow, then sleet and rain and back again to huge flakes of snow.  The roads are quite bad and its a day to stay inside by the fire.  

P1020430A Chance Meeting with another Sheep farmer

On Monday I got grain for the chickens.  I had an interesting conversation with a gal who raises a variety of animals about 5 miles from my grain store.  I had never met her before and never knew her farm existed and she had no knowledge of my farm.  This is how it is now in this country.  Before there were farm groups and they had suppers and meetings.   You knew every farmer around, when they had troubles you helped them and when you had troubles they helped you.  Now we are isolated.  I want to change all that in my area.

We have a chicken group online, and  have a get together once a year. Unfortunately I missed the get together this year but last year I learned so much from the 3 hours I was there. Sharing tips on feed and bedding, illness and egg production.

 I would like to put up a sign at the grain store for a get together of small sheep and fiber farmers.  I have a web site which is up  but not running that will list small wool producers of fleeces and yarns in our area.  Its time not to be isolated, to share ideas on farming .  I doesn’t matter if you have llama’s, alpacas, sheep or angora goats and rabbits  in these troubled times we need to band together.  We need to be there to help people who are starting off with fiber animals and people who are just interested in buying the fiber from us.  I am going to make up the sign  and will keep you all informed. 



While I was at the grain store I bought the usual grain for the chickens.  I buy Green Mountain Organic feed.  There are no GMO’s in the feed but it is more expensive.  $10 to $16. more a bag.  I have never bought anything other than organic feed since I got chickens over 11 years ago.  I am on a limited budget but believe that my health depends on the food I eat.  I will save in other areas of my life and grow more food this year. 


I have bought  2 packages of heirloom tomato seeds so far.  Beefstake which is a pole variety and Speckled Roma which is also a pole variety.  I plan to grown these on some fencing which will be sturdy enough to hold them upright.  I plan to get two more varieties, a purple cherry tomato and another variety of Roma.  I plan to freeze and can the Roma’s.    Using them whole and diced will work in all myP1020434 recipe’s.  










Many thanks for reading my blog and I hope you have a wonderful day.






20 07 2012


It’s a beautiful morning in FLorida.   The lemon and orange trees are loaded with fruit.  It is going to be in the high 90’s today so Chris and I are headed for the beach this morning.


GMO’s are a big issue.  It is quite interesting that food having these in them do not have to be labeled.  There is a grass root effort to get the government to do this.   Please petition the U.S. Food and Drug Administration today at JustLabelit.org.  We need to know what we are eating and feeding our children.


Hooked Rug Storytelling – The art of Heather Ritchie by Lesley Mary Close

Heather Ritchie is a remarkable woman.  I had the pleasure of taking some classes with her.  They were the best, she was so generous with her supplies, time and talent.  We laughed and laughed and learned so much.  Her rugs are mostly about her life, where she grew up, places she has lived and been and people she knows.  Each one a treasure.  This book has so many rugs in it showing different techniques, dyeing of the wool and yarns, proddy techniques.  You will learn a lot from the book both in rug hooking techniques and about the wonderful woman.

In 2007 Heather started Rug Aid which is a program which helps blind African woman to be able to support themselves with rug hooking.  SHe has a website which I believe is called Rug Aid.  Check it out.

Amelia and Charlotte

There are lots of old wood around the farm.  I love putting it in with the hens  In a weeks time there won’t be much left of this log.  They enjoy trying to find insects.  I have my retired hens in the front of the house.  Every year I had flying ants, I am not sure if they we carpenter ants or termites but since I have had the chickens there I don’t have the flying creatures anymore.  Another gift from the girls.                                                                                 Happy Day To You