25 10 2016


Fall here in Colrain has been beautiful.   We avoided the drought that everyone else had this past summer, so the colors were spectacular..  The air has a chill in it these days letting us know winter is not far behind.  The gentle sound of the sheep happily munching on their hay this morning reminded me just why I continue to do this.  Their coats are now getting heavy with wool .  Cosmo is doing quite well, acting more like a kitten than an older cat..  The chickens are almost done with their molt and ready for the dark days ahead.  I am hoping to get a small hoop house done for them but time is fleeing and it may not get done.  Today is the last day for the Tuesday Greenfied Farmers Market to be outside .  We will be inside on Main Street.  Look for our signs.


I saw this quilt pattern  years ago and decided it would make a great rug.    I dyed the yarn from the flock and  changed the pattern slightly.  I have to finish whip stitching it and put a backing on it.



I was asked last year to teach the Springfield Weavers how to hook with yarn.  A couple of Saturdays ago the day arrived.  It was a wonderful Day with new friends and many old friends.  I was a weaver many years ago, taking a 4 year class at Hill Institute.  This group was a group that I had belonged to.

We had a wonderful day and fun was had by all.  They all hooked and  many I think , will continue to do so.  I haven’t woven in years and got rid of my looms.  But maybe I may do some weaving again only on a smaller loom.  I do long to do some overshot which was my favorite weave and would love to make some hand towels to sell.  Who knows what the future will bring.

The leaves are mostly gone in the woods now with the wild winds of this past weekend.  I did get my garlic planted and plan to spread manure on a new area where I plan to plant flax in the spring and pumpkins and gourds to sell at the  market next year.

Many thanks for reading my blog on this crisp fall day.  Carole




15 10 2015


A very foggy morn today, you can hardly see the Church at the end of the street.


We are expecting a frost on Sunday night with temps in the high 20’s. Then another warm spell.  The chipmunks and squirrels are busy as can be gathering up nuts and seeds for the long winter ahead.  The sheep have enjoyed an abundance of acorns this year and are putting on their winter coats.


                                                          Carol K.




There are 4 American Chestnut trees on my Son’s property.  His family has already sent out 40 pounds to a restaurant in Cambridge, Ma.  And have almost 50 pounds more picked with many more still falling to the ground.





He is back and caught in the act eating food put out for a cat.   I love having him around he keeps he farm free of rodents.  


Both my son’s family and myself have been putting out food for a cat who doesn’t seem to have a home.  I am sure its a she and we would like to catch her and bring her to the vets.  Too many people still dump cats and its such a shame.  There are so many places that will find them forever home.  I hope we can catch her soon.


The garlic has come up which is good.  I still have some more to plant and hope to do it soon.  


Plants are on sale now so I bought this small arborvitae and planted it near the newly deposited rocks.  It will grow quickly and will be a safe place for birds in the back yard (right near a bird house) and I plan to put some twinkle solar lights on it when it gets bigger.  So nice to look at on a cold winters night.



Dorthy, Emma and Rosemary are doing  very well.  All the side yard hens are together now and the pecking order has been established without any bloodshed.  They will be coming inside in a couple of weeks.  I will batten them down with lots of hay for the frosty Sunday night.


Many thanks for reading my blog on this fine day.  Carole





16 07 2013


Today is a miserable day, but Wednesday is supposed to be worse. Temps over 90.   We are waiting for a hay delivery, I really don’t know how anyone can bale hay today.  The only one who seems unaffected by the weather is Minnie Bisbee.  This is her kind of weather.  She has rested most of the day. 


I don’t know about you but I am sick of the annoyance phone calls.  Today I received 4, one from a research company, one from breast cancer (they call a lot, I have told them not to call but it still continues) one no name no number and one no name but a number.  If I spent my time  returning these calls and asking them not to call again I would get nothing done.  I wish I didn’t need a land line and could only use my cell but when one lives in the country that’s not an option.  Cell service is terrible here.  Oh well I will continue to do what I have been doing  screening the calls.



I am going through  boxes in the box room and found these two dyed fleeces  Both are from Lottie .











 I never sold any of her fleece.  Her fleeces were beautiful, ranging from black to a silver gray.  I plan to take one of these Thursday night when I  will be spinning at Funk Shun.


I pulled the garlic today, even though its a bit early.  The stems really are too green but I have already lost some due to the leaves browning and dying and not being able to find them.


 They will come up next year and I will separate them.  I really need to mark where each garlic is.  I planted most up near the sheep but some in the front yard.  Those are the ones I can’ find. They are not quite a big this year so I think I will try another place to buy them from.  I will have to start looking soon as I will need to have them by the beginning of October..

Many thanks for reading my blog and I hope you have a wonderful day.    Carole


12 11 2012



Most everything is put away , Ricky took visitors on a tour of the sheep and they were obliging and let people pet them.  The Crafts was a good experience for all.

Planting the Garlic

This year I am planting it near the barn, I have plenty of eager helpers.





After separating each bulb I plant them 3 or 4 inches apart and rows 4 or more inches apart.













Covering them with soil and mulching them.


A few months ago I bought this quilt top on e-bay.  It was a little over 12.00 and hand sewn.  I have been looking for one for such a long time but they were all expensive.  I am going to make what I call a door quilt.





The kitchen door to the barn is quite drafty so for years I have had a sheet made into a curtain to keep some of the cold out.  I have had the quilt idea for years hoping to make one but never could find the time.  Even with the cost of the materials, it will be under 30 dollars to complete the project.  I will probably save that in fuel the first year.  I am sure it will take several days to complete the project.

Welcome to my blog Western Mass Weavers.

Many thanks for reading my blog and I hope you have a wonderful day.








6 10 2012





Yesterday I received the garlic bulbs.  They look great.  I had ordered more than 2 pounds and I only received a pound.  Which means that they have run out of some varieties.  I will have to find some elsewhere.  The picture is this years supply minus two bunches which I gave away and the new bulbs.  Last years bulbs were hanging in the barn and I wanted to get them in before  a freeze.  I think I will have enough for the year.  If you have never grown garlic this is the time of year to plant it in the northeast.   Get the bulbs from your local farm store as the bulbs that they sell in your local grocery store may not be suitable to plant in your area.  I do lightly mulch them after planting .





It’s almost done.  I can’t believe the hours that this thing took.  I still have the nose, several teeth and some more of my Grandma Utley’s buttons to put on.  I think that it came out cute .  Tomorrow I will have to find a stick to hang it with,












Tomorrow I am leaving for Florida.  I try to go every 2 months to visit my Mom who has some dementia and lives in  assisted living.  I am planning on visiting an Alpaca Farm .  My Cousin Gary who is from Maryland is meeting me in Orlando and it will be a wonderful time.  I will report from there.

Tonight I am leaving you with a picture of Mrs. Brown all tucked in for the night.  Many thanks for reading my blog and hope you have a  wonderful day.