2 03 2015




Last night Owen had some sort of spell he rested comfortably and I took him to the Vets this am.  He had a stroke.  He had thyroid and heart problems which go hand in hand.  There was nothing to do.  Now he is gone.

People have wondered why I would take a 10 year old cat with medical problems in the first place.  I say why not.   Yes it does open you up to heart break and I thought for sure I would have him longer than  months.  He was given up because he was sick I can’t imagine that.  And in the shelter for months.  When I saw his little picture I had to take him home with Sam.  It took him quite some time to feel comfortable here.  And  a few months ago I heard him purr for the first time.  I knew then that he had settled in.  I will miss him and am so grateful that I had a chance to know him.


Thank you so much for reading my blog on this day   Carole