14 10 2013


Hazel is doing a little better this morning.  He was started on antibiotics yesterday.  This morning after his dose of meds and his dose of vitamins and minerals he enjoyed a whole bantam egg.  It’s good that he is eating.  By no means is he out of the woods yet bit he has improved.


Hazel in his hospital room.

  Some members of my family dislike him but he is a good rooster to his girls.  He will call them to eat standing by the side making sure they all get their food before he gets anything.  He does attack people’s legs but he feels he is protecting his flock.  I am hoping his recovery continues so he can be back with the flock before I leave on Friday.


I have been wanting to do a small primitive hooked piece.  I have taken many components from old pieces and put it into this piece.




  I plan to hook it with a variety of yarns.  Spinners and weavers have such large stashes of yarn and this is a wonderful way to use them up.  I have decided to make the cat into a chicken.  I have a design of one in my head I will put it on paper tomorrow to see how it looks.  I just wasn’t satisfied with the cat.


Chris and I cleaned the barn today.  In the middle of it all he went downstairs and I was outside distributing all the barn stuff.  In that short time Sadie decided to head over to where the sheep are now and laid down in her old spot.  It took us ages to entice her to get up and go back to her side of the barn.  After all it was her nap time.  Finally around 4:30 we managed to get her back to safety.  The sheep and llama were glad to get back into the barn.

Today I finally got the pin cushions started, 




I doubt it I will have time to make more than these,  They were fun. tomorrow I will sew the backs on and fill them with the fine walnut shells that my son found for me in a pet store.   I hope to do some dogs and sheep pin cushions over the winter.

Many thanks for  taking the time to read my blog today and I hope your day is spectacular.             Carole