31 03 2013



First Signs of Spring

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Yesterday I saw the first shoots of Tulips and tonight for the first time this spring our neighborhood skunk sprayed around the entire house.   He may be the old fellow that would cross my son’s and my yard each evening last year around dusk.  But I did see him last night in the bottom of the barn.



Today I saw the first  of my tomatoes just peaking their leaves above the ground.   I am planting more, I planted Roma Tomatoes and some flowers.  I still have more seeds to get.


Ollie is improving slowly, he is eating and drinking well in spite of his mouth issues.  He is inspiring to me, in the midst of all of this he loves to be petted and purrs. 



Minnie was exhausted from all the hustle of shearing day.



Yesterday the Colrain Fire Department offered a refresher course on CPR.  I took my last one 4 years ago.  Lots of things have changed.  It’s good to keep up with the changes.



Yesterday Pine Hill Orchard had their yearly Easter Egg Hunt.  The orchard was to wet so they had it near the petting zoo.  Lil got to meet the Easter Bunny, she quite liked him.  I don’t know who the other little girl was but she wanted to be in the picture too!

Hope you have a wonderful day and many thanks for reading my blog.    Carole







I will start today sorting although I need boxes in which to ship it off in.  All the wool is wonderful, but Maudes is especially nice.



29 03 2013


Today is a beautiful day for shearing sheep.  The temps are warm they were all dry (when the shearing started) and we began promptly at 9am.  

Sadie was the first to be done.    Her fleece won’t be the best but I will try to get enough from it to make some socks.  She was very good.








Marley was the second one to be sheared.  He was hitting everyone and even me this morning, so it was time to take him down a peg or two.  With his fleece he appears so much bigger than he is and when it’s off he hides in a corner.  Everything went smoothly with him.

Maude and CK were so cute.  Maude is Ck’s mom and they stick together and are almost never apart.  Today CK got sheared first and Maude was quite concerned, staying right next to her the whole time.


In the sheep world when one sheep gets sheared the others don’t recognize him.  So there was a lot of running around butting heads and the like.  Eventually CK ended up jumping in the water tub, well these type of things are to be expected but it made her harder to shear and now her wool will have to be dried out.

The rest of the shearing went well and we were finished by 11:30.  Steve gave me some tips on a new feeder which won’t waste as much hay and I am going to coat them in the fall.    This next week I will be sorting through the fleeces and get them ready to send out to have yarn made.



Oliver is slowly improving.  He drank all the water from the tuna can this morning and is eating.  His eyes are improving a little and the swelling in his mouth had reduced some.  He will return for a check with Dr. Funk on Thursday.  

Many thanks for reading my blog and I hope you have a wonderful day.          Carole



28 03 2013



Oliver has been sick for a few days.  It kept getting worse and worse, so yesterday he went to Dr. Funk.  He had an infection in the only tooth he had in his mouth and the infection spread to behind his eyes.  He had to have some surgery.  That boy has been through a lot but still remains cheerful and happy.  He came home late afternoon.  He slept well only awaking once and quickly returning to sleep.  Today he ate a little and drank  a little.  He will return to the doctors next week for a recheck.  Although Dr. Funk saw no cancer he couldn’t rule it out.  Only time will tell.





Tomorrow is shearing day.  They have been stuck in the barn since yesterday afternoon.  Because Steve will be shearing with Electric clippers the sheep need to be really dry to make it easier.  After this chore is done the barn has to be cleaned.

Yesterday’s Yield






Yesterday was a good day for gathering eggs.



As you probably have noticed no black spots in the pictures.  I got a new camera.  A Cannon.  (Thanks Anne for the information)  I like it a lot, it is easier to manage more hi-tech (but easier to figure out) and I get better pictures.  It will take me some time to learn the ins and outs of it but it surely was needed.  I bought it at Staples and  there were few cameras there.  When I asked about that he said cameras have declined in popularity because of  phones and Ipads taking pictures.

Many thanks for reading my blog and I hope you have a wonderful day.   Carole


26 03 2013


Today I received my favorite plant catalog of all, Andrew’s Greenhouse Plant catalog.  I started going to Andrew’s in the late 80’s when they offered pick your own strawberries.  I also bought hay from them.  They added a greenhouse or two and pick your own raspberries and plants.  They offer perennials, roses, herbs bedding plants vegetable plants and much more.  This year they are offering  some workshops which will be wonderful.  The catalog is wonderful, no fancy colored pictures, drawings or any of that stuff, they don’t need it .  Each plant has a full description of its habits, where it needs to be planted and on and on.  Once a month when I pick up the sheep’s carrots in Amherst I will stop by with a list.  I am working on getting my whole yard full of  plants.  I will get a few more Rugosa Rose plants some perennials and herbs from them to fill in places here and there.    Take a look at their website;  you will enjoy it.



The snow is melting slowly so there is no big flooding in the barn and I am sure most will be gone by the weekend. 


Minnie has had a big day today walking all over and sleeping on the sofa.  She is feeling more comfortable now.    Today I worked on the announcement card.   I started sending out announcement card when I got the chickens.  My friends got such a kick out of it that if I don’t send them I am questioned.  Minnie’s is ready to go to Staples to be copied and made into cards.  I will post it when they come back.


Tonight I have all the grass colors out and plan to finish hooking it.  There is not a lot left to do so I should get that finished.



Hope you have a wonderful day and many thanks for reading my blog.   Carole


25 03 2013


The Moon last night was spectacular!!





This morning I planted the four packages of tomato seeds.  Having some left over for next year.  I am sending my seed order soon.  I want to get one more package of tomato seeds which they don’t carry  at the feed store.  They are called Principe Borghese.  They are a traditional tomato for sun drying or oven roasting.  Very sweet and high yielding.  I am anxious to try them.  I have brought the small greenhouse down to start those seeds when they come.










I have been reading this magazine for quite some time.  The March/April issue is full of wonderful projects and many helpful hints.  I have found that this particular magazine saves me much more than the price of it .  I love the idea of making a stand up garden with pallets.  Especially since with each order of wood pellets a pallet comes with it.   Strawberries come to mind , vertical planting will make them much easier to pick.  I think I will plant herbs on the bottom two shelves.  What a great project.   Check out the magazine for more projects to help you become more self-sufficient.

There was much chattering in the hen house when this giant pumpkin was brought in.  Charlotte was more interested than anyone.  


Shearing Day  

I have to get busy cleaning out the barn door so it can be closed, and if my sheep are still damp tomorrow I will have to post-phone the shearing  I am thinking about getting covers for my sheep in the fall.  There fleeces really got messy this year,  the hay seemed dryer than usual.

Catattitude in the house

Willie was the last cat to come to the farm therefore it a was the duty of Angus to make sure that Willie got bossed around.  Angus would hide in back of doors in back of the pellet stove and pounce on poor unsuspecting Willie.  He suffered in silence for these past 3 and a half years until Millie arrived.



 Now it seem the right of passage has fallen on  Willie.  He chases Millie.    Although he was quite surprised when Millie screamed and fought back.  The dynamics are changing.

Many thanks for reading my blog and I hope you have a wonderful day.    Carole