Sam, Tansies and Wild FLowers

1 08 2012


Hello, Let me introduce you to Sam.  He is 17 years old.  Today he and Ernest Dodge went to the vets for thyroid checks..  I found Sam and his two brothers and his sister at a barn where I used to buy hay.  The woman who owned the farm told me that their mother had been killed on the road.  She was feeding them but planned to drown them!!!!  I will never understand why people feel that they have to do that where there are so many places that will take kittens and place them in good homes. She said I could have them.  For the next 4 weeks I took one home each time I bought hay.  Sam was the first.  He was eager to get in the car.  Don’t tell the other cats but he is my favorite cat.  Today he is getting ready to nap in his favorite basket, the vets was such an ordeal for him. (I wish my doctors appointments

could be that easy )  They even give him treats before he leaves, I only get a bill when I go to the doctors

.After  everyone was settle in I decided to go and pick Tansies.  Every year I pick them and dry them and put them in every room.  I either hang them in bunches, makes swags with them ot put them in vases.  The leaves have a pleasant order and the flowers stay bright for many months before turning into a lovely primitive gold.

The will help keep insects at bay.  I can’t grow many of them on my property as the soil is too good.  They need sandy, rocky soil to really thrive.

I stopped on my way home and picked these flowers.  I love having flowers all around its so cheerful.  I usually plant lots of annuals but this year time got away from me.

I have a book which I write down the things I want to do in the garden next year, that is on the top of my list.
We are supposed to have rain tonight and tomorrow.  I hope we get it as the rivers are still low.                                          Good day to you.