14 04 2014



Mable was my son’s dog although she started her life living with me.  My daughter Betty’s dog Morgan had a litter of pups and Mable was the runt.  She was tiny and full of life.  She came to live with me for about a year.  SHe was a very active dog and with many cats and my Dad to take  care of  my son decided to take her to live with him.  There was only one cat and she got all the attention.  SHe had a wonderful life and love to take rides.  She was almost 16 when she passed away.  In the past year she had many small problems which she overcame, On Saturday she crossed over The Rainbow Bridge, we will meet again my Mable.  It’s hard to lose you beloved animals.  In my house they are family, each one when it’s their time to go its hard to say Good Bye.  But I firmly believe that when its my time to go they will be there to greet me.    I was glad that I didn’t find out about Mable till after I came home on Saturday.


I love driving through Vermont.  The tall mountains with valleys full of small villages with tall CHurch steeples.  Saturday though the drive was through pea soup fog which made driving hard.  It wasn’t till I got to White River Junction that the fog cleared and the blue, blue skies and billowing clouds appeared.



Louise kept a chair for me and it was a good thing as there were a lot of people there.

Louise and her wonderful project

Louise and her wonderful project

 It was good to see her.  We sat near some lovely ladies who were doing very interesting things.  Gayle Torrey and Nancy Lee Ross sat near us and were making Penny Rugs

 Masterpieces of Nancy Lee Ross


Masterpieces of Gayle Torrey





  I love the creativity of them and would love to do them sometime.

After a brief business meeting Bev Conway gave a talk on Secret Messages in rugs.


 It was so very interesting.  The following is an example of it.

right side of the rug

right side of the rug


wrong side of rug

wrong side of rug


 The wrong side of the rug is the secret message.  There is a technique  to it and its all very interesting and I would love to make one of these rugs sometime in the coming year.   She had some lovely rugs to show us.  It was a quick day before I knew it the day was over and it was time to say good-bye to Louise.  SHe will not be at the hook-in in July as she will be at the Charles Dickens Society international meeting .  How exciting, I can’t wait to hear all the details.

It’s Monday and I am back to my life on the farm, yesterday both Minnie and I felt ill.  We are both back to our old selves now.  Its going to be in the 70’s today.  Many thanks for reading my blog and I hope you have a wonderful day.   Carole







11 02 2014





I am so proud to be a member of this group.   Yesterday I go an e-mail from them asking me to vote if I want the Guild to be part of Atha anymore.  I voted a resounding NO.  The Green Mountain Guild is a large group of over 400 members from all over the world.  Every few years they hold a large Rug  Show this year it will be in Essex Junction, Vermont More than 300 rugs will be shown to the public its always a well attended event.

  ATHA is the Association of Traditional Rug Hookers.  I belonged to it many years ago when I first got interested in Rug Hooking. Since I was not the traditional rug hooker and at the time people who did not conform were frowned upon I let my membership lapse.  They have changed with the times and are most welcoming of all types of rug hooking now.  But they have decided  all members of its guilds  must belong to ATHA>  ATHA cost $26.00 a year and belonging to a guild cost  twenty or so dollars.  Many guilds had  let non Atha members join in and they pay a higher fee for belonging.    This is not the case now. I believe that Atha discriminates to people of lower-income.  In today’s economy with ts very high ups and very low downs people sometimes have to make hard choices..  It would truly be sad that someone would not be able to show their rugs at the show, attend the hook-ins and be part of the rug hooking family because they couldn’t afford to pay the ATHA dues..  I was deeply disturbed by this.    I will stay with the Green Mountain Guild no matter how the vote comes out.  At least they gave their members a chance to vote . I am all about fairness for everyone.



I have been making a pair of fleece lined mittens.  This is the first one.  The ones I started last week just didn’t come out right.  I was trying to change the pattern so that they could be knitted on double-pointed needles.  Maybe this summer I will work that out  but I need these mittens to be done and put in an order to go out west by the end of the week.




Francis my oldest hen laid a beautiful blue eggs this morning and tonight I found a blue egg from Olive.  Once we get through February I will see more eggs, yea!


It’s another cold night with temps dipping below zero.  Storm warnings have been posted for Thursday with 12-18 inches expected. Mable had another good day.

I appreciate you reading my blog today and I hope you had an enjoyable day.  Carole

I Belong to ATHA  and am not proud of it.


15 04 2013



Mable used to be my dog, but with a household full of cats it was better that she lived with my son, David.  She has had a good and happy life and is 13 years old now.  She has some arthritis.  Saturday my son noticed that she wasn’t acting well and took her to the Emergency Vet in Deerfield.  She had a high fever and a severe infection.  She came home yesterday and is feeling much better and so glad to be home.


Citrus Cleaner

The citrus cleaner I made in the winter needed to be strained and bottled.  With the boys help it was done today.  I will be using it soon.


The boys and I are going to dig out the chicken area today.  Its still full of snow and I would love them to be out on these nice days.  We did evaluate  getting the looms down stairs and I think we can do it.  I am selling two of my larger looms.  I haven’t woven in many years and need the space for other things.  I want to take a picture of them and have it at the Farm to Fiber, hoping I can get a buyer there.


Yesterday I dyed some rug hooking wool for the Farm to Fiber show.  More to do this week.IMG_0136[2]


Cindy got Mom comfortably settled into Canal View Rest Home.  And she is doing much better now, eating again and talking what a difference.   The last time we were in Florida it was a surprise visit.  We were certainly surprised by Moms appearance.  This move is just what she needed, they are kind and loving and she will be well taken care of.  She still may  move up with me we will evaluate this in June.

Many thanks for reading my blog and I hope you have a wonderful day.                     Carole


7 07 2012


Dyeing Wool

Yesterday I dyed some rug hooking wool.  I am planning on selling some at the Farm to Fiber show.   More will be dyed this coming week.  Set up for the show is Friday afternoon.



Mable was once my dog.  She came from a litter that Betty had.  She was  a good dog but in a house full of cats it was better for her to live with David.  She is 13 now and has arthritis.  On Saturday afternoon David saw she wasn’t acting herself.  He brought her to the emergency hospital in Deerfield.  SHe had a high fever and was very ill.  SHe came home yesterday and is very happy to be back with her family.


Citrus Cleaner

The boys helped me strain and put the citrus cleaner into containers.  I will try it later today and am going to start some more.


The boys and I are going to dig out the chicken yards today.  They are still fully of snow.  I would love to get them out soon.  We did evaluate the looms upstairs and think we can get them moved downstairs.  I have two looms that I want to sell and want to have them in a place where they are easy to move.  I am going to take a picture of them and will have the picture at the Farm to Fiber show.


Cindy has my Mom comfortable in Canal View Rest Home.  Already there are changes in her.  She wasn’t eating, not conversing, her hair was never taken care of , its funny the things that slip by you when you only visit every couple of months.  But our last visit to the home was a surprise and my Mom looked like a wreck.  She just wasn’t taken care of properly.  Here at Canal View she is bathed every day and today she ate by herself, talked to me on the phone.  I wish we had done this long ago.  She may still come here and live with me, we will evaluate the situation in June sometime. 

I hope you have a wonderful day and thank you so much for reading my blog.   Carole