9 06 2016



I am so glad that I didn’t put all my winter clothes away.  It is so cold here today.  The winds are blowing and temps are cold enough for mittens when feeding the outside chickens.  Now I did complain about the hot weather but I guess we do need that to keep the plants growing.


Some pictures of Cindy’s graduation.  Chris drove me back and on Sunday David and his family, myself, Chris and Lilly ad went to Wayland for Ricky’s graduation.  Rick made all sorts of wonderful food and Ricky made Pizza on a new wood fired pizza oven.    It was a wonderful day.

Chris.Cindy.Rick and Ricky

Chris.Cindy.Rick and Ricky




I was so sadden this spring when my large Rugosa rose didn’t sprout leaves.    How would I replace such a beauty.  Recently I decided to cut it down and look for another one.  Lo and behold there was new growth hidden by jewel weed.  




I would love to know why people think that this is a wonderful drop off place for unwanted cats.  I have rescued cats for years.  I love taking in animals that need homes but  there is a limit.  How can these people live with themselves.  There should be a law that every animal be chipped then the people who do these unspeakable things can be fined.  There are three cats living at my son’s barn.   I will trap the latest cat as it is small and probably won’t survive in the wilds long.    A sadness comes over me when I think about animals and people in need.  People think animals have no feelings.  Its taken my Sammy some time to understand that there will always be food and water here.  When a dish gets close to being empty he will stand by it till it gets filled.  It also took him a while to understand that when I reach down to him I am not going to hit him I just want to pet him.    I don’t have a lot of hope for the world.  Yes there are a lot of good people in it but so many child and animals abusers.  So many people hungry and homeless and we here in America can’t seem to do anything about it.  It’s all about corporate greed and now the two people running for president are both corporate people.  I would love to move to a country that cares about its people and animals.  I could see my self living in Nova Scotia.   Well I am here to stay and make the best of this life I have been given.  I love taking care of the animals I have and am becoming more self-sufficient.  I have distanced myself from the corporate world as much as possible and will try give back to people in need.

Many thanks for reading my blog on the cold, windy day, hope its warm where you are.   Carole


On our way to get hay on Saturday Chris and I came across these two.   Herself was on one side of the road squawking and himself on the other.  We stopped and let her cross and all was well.  They look like they had been out for a stroll and were headed back to the barn.





1 09 2015


Bright, sunny days with clothes on the line, roosters crowing, sheep baaing and cats paying before the heat of the day comes.  Each season has its charm.  Summertime here on the farm brings a more relaxed routine, with the occasional trips to the river or reading a book on the hammock.


Last night I did one third of the box and got some ready for sauce which is in the crock pot this morning and the rest went into the freezer, some sliced for Tomato-Leek Tarts which I plan to make this winter and the rest diced.  This morning I will do another third and tomorrow all will be in the freezer.


Fields of corn at The Farm Stand

Fields of corn at The Farm Stand

We are so lucky in this small town to have many people who grow veggies.  My favorite place is The Farm Stand.  I buy several boxes of tomatoes to freeze each year.  Their corn is non GMO and is the best around.  I hope to get a bushel to freeze soon.  



The Rugosa roses have out done themselves this year and lots of rose hips are on the bush.  I am picking half today to go into the dehydrator to mix with the chickens herbs and the other half will be left for the squirrels, chipmunks and birds to enjoy.



Yesterday learning of the hot weather to come I made pasta salad, potato salad and deviled eggs.  I also cooked some corn to enjoy so I will have a few days of meals where the stove doesn’t have to be on.



I have loved these since I was a child.  We planted them for decoration.  I have found a place in the front of my porch where they thrive.  l always leave half and pick half for fall decorations to assure more will come up next year..


I hope you have a wonderful day and many thanks for reading my blog.   Carole

















10 06 2014



The Rugosa Roses are in Bloom.  This year I am going to save any petals that drop for a rose potpourri that I hope to make in the fall.  My plants are tall and gangly so I will have to trim them this year sometime.  I have to walk by them to go to the side yard coops and the smell of the blooms are delightful.


This picture is from The West Branch River which runs through the town of Colrain.  It is a river of much activity in the summer months with families cooling off in it and fishing almost every month of the year.  It runs into The Deerfield River .


The Baby Chicks.

My friend Anne from Ireland, a chicken expert thinks the two white and black chicks are roosters and I expect that she is right.  They were acting the part the other day.  I will separate them in a month or so.   Morticia and Sammy will go out in the side yard in the same area as Mrs. Brown, Hazel and Milly but will be separated for a  brief time so they have a chance to familiarize themselves to each other.  I have a dog house which I converted and will set that up in the yard.  The two roosters will stay in the coop that they are in for the summer.  Then they will be moved into a coop that I am in the process of purchasing  which will be put in the upstairs of the barn for the winter.


Egg production has been splendid so far this spring.  Most of my hens are over 5 so I consider myself very lucky.


My Sammy is at Brookside ANimal Hospital.  He is suffering from end Kidney failure.  They are doing their very best in hopes that he can come back home.  He was dehydrated and his temp was low.  I have had him for almost 18 years.  He has been there for me in the most troubling times of my life.  Always near me, a rock in a stormy sea. The thoughts of him not being with me are inconceivable but with todays diagnosis I know this will happen.  I am hoping that we have a little more time. I will know more tomorrow.




Many thanks for reading my blog today and I hope you have a wonderful day.   Carole


2 09 2012


Today I finished painting the caravan.  I added hooks and eyes, a handle on the door and now its complete.   Projects always appear to be simple but in the end they all take a lot of time.  The caravan is a simple and a cute home for 7  hens.  On the second night they are all sleeping on the perches.  Our neighborhood skunk must have tried to get into their yard as I saw a hole was dug and I quickly put a heavy stone there.  He went all around my house last night spraying as he went merrily on his way.  At one time in the house it got so bad that my eyes were tearing.    I hope he doesn’t make a return visit tonight




I bought the raspberry bed 2 years ago from Gardner’s Supply.  I moved it around the porch but it was too                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                         

heavy for me to move anywhere else.  After we had set up the snow fence I decided that there was room near the

chickens for it. The boys moved it for me.  Today I set it up.  It was so easy to set up and I put a layer of chicken house cleanings,I am going to add enough dirt to 3/4 fill it and then add a layer of sheep barn sweepings.  During the winter  I will add more sheep sweepings as needed.  At the same time I bought this I also bought a blueberry bed which I may set up near that.  Nothing will be planted until the late spring.  I will buy all my raspberry and blueberry plants from Norse.  They offer quality plants .


I have grown these roses almost since I bought the house.  They are heavy bloomers and the scent is wonderful.  They have gotten tall and need trimming back which I will do in the spring.  


Thank you for reading my blog, come back soon.