12 06 2017



Summer has truly arrived after what seemed like months of rain and chilly weather.  Temps in the 90’s again today.


My friend Jill and I went to see this movie last night. It was shown at our local movie house, Pot Hole Pictures in Shelburne Falls.  Most people there were farmers of some sort, and people interested in local food.  It was an amazing movie taking us on a delightful journey of local farms and farmers. We are loosing so many farms.  Its long hours, hard work and the pay per gallon of milk is less than it should be.  There are no vacations on farming but the people who milk love what they do.    There are things that each of us can do.  BUY LOCAL .  When you buy cheap milk you are getting what you pay for.  The milk is most likely produced on feed lot type farms with 500 or more cows.  They are not on  pasture and don’t have the wonderful lives that small dairy cows do.  In Massachusetts we can buy Our Family Farms or Organic Valley Milk.  Paying a few cents more will help ensure that family dairy farms remain in business.    

Something that I had not thought about is what happens to the community when a small dairy operation closes.  One of  the farmers on the show said they spend $250,000   on grain alone each year. It’s the trickle down theory.  It affects us all.                                                                               

This movie was educational in so many ways.  It gave each member of the audience something to think about.  Look for it at small local theaters  in Massachusetts and in the fall they plan to  have showings in local libraries.    Please share with family and friends about this it is so important for us.  Factory farming is going to be a thing of the past and I will be so glad.  The following is a list of screenings in the area


All the bird houses are getting filled up, soon new babies will be hatched.  Yesterday I saw a Chickadee with a large piece of wool in its mouth flying away.  Cozy nest-building


The jewel weed is the bane of my existence.  More and More every year.  I must pull  thousands.  Still a lot more to do.  I am using some of it in a Poison Ivy Salve though.

The garden is mostly in still a few more things to get in but it will be done soon.

Winter is never far away from my thoughts and I already have been gathering bags of sticks for starting the wood stove.  Winter clothes can be found hanging on the line and will be put away soon.



The roses are especially nice this year.



Many thanks for reading my blog on this hot summery day.    Carole

Winterberry Farm






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4 09 2012


It has been drizzling all day here in the hills of Colrain.  We need the rain badly, the West Branch River is very low.  Tonight we are supposed to get some steady rain.


  The bottle nose gourds took over the garden.  They grew over the tomatoes, into the sheep yard and all around my dining room windows.  I didn’t think that I would get any gourds as all I could see was tiny ones.   And on top of it all the vines stink!!!!! David and I were cleaning out old rotten wood from the back hill and he found this one and today he found another one not quite as big.   The one we got yesterday must weigh 5 pounds.  It will make a great bird house.


ATTENTION  all people who are interested in being vendors and past vendors of the Old Fiber Twist which is now Farm to Fiber.  We are having an open house at The ROundhouse at the Fairgrounds in Greenfield this month on the 23rd from 1pm to 3 pm.  Come and check out this historic gem.


Last night I made more Herbal Salve.  I love making it and the smell lingers even today through the house.  I did a few small 1 ounce jars to see how they would do.  I think I now have enough for the fall and spring shows.





Sunday was a sad day on the farm.  My cat Hootie passed away.  She has crossed over the rainbow bridge and I will see her again.  We all miss her especially Oliver.

Hope your day is a happy one and many thanks for reading my blog.