17 07 2015


The hot and hazy summer day are here but Wednesday night brought low temps and a cold breeze.  The days of summer are having me doing things that I love, making vinegar. drying herbs, putting up food and trying to stock  my shelves for the long winter ahead.  Oh how I wish for a couple of acres then I would hardly have to visit the grocery store.  But I will make do and be grateful for the land that I have.


On Wednesday  Chris and I, Lauren, Charlie  Tyler and Lil went blueberry picking.  Li ate more than she picked.

IMG_5392 IMG_5393

 The farm is along route 2 about 10 minutes from the house.  Its located on a hill top overlooking the valley below.



 The berries were huge and in no time we had 16 pounds and Lauren and family had a little less.


I am hoping to get 50 pounds picked this summer.  I freeze them on cookie sheets and then bag them up.


I have been making Herbal Vinegar since I was in my twenties.  I use them and give them away as gifts.  Today I made a Dill/Garlic, a Rosemary/Garlic and a Oregano, Thyme and Garlic .



She has made a remarkable recover and will have her stitches out on MOnday.  SHe is eating me out of house and home, making up for lost time.


 We are working on her new home today.


I had a beautiful white cat named Ernest Dodge.  He was one of the many rescue cats that I had gotten.  He ran and played the days away.  One day I noticed this small black cat looking in the living room window watching Ernest only.  I am not taking any more cats I have way too many I said.


She was at the window watching  Ernest  everyday with this loving look.  I started feeding her and in two weeks she was at the vets getting fixed.  SHe followed Ernest everywhere, cuddled with him it was pure love.  I found this old picture of Ethel Dodge (both  cats named for a  great Aunt and Uncle who meant so much to me) and all the wonderful memories came flooding back.  Animals come and go in my life, each one is special, each one I am grateful for no matter how they have come into my life, and yes more animals have knocked at my door and I have let them in.

Many thanks for reading my blog on this wonderful summer day.  I hope you are enjoying the day.  Carole 



14 09 2012





Where fine Goat Cheese is made.


Today I had to pay Joe for the Hay.  It’s a 10 minute ride to his farm.  He and his wife Carolyn make goats milk cheese and sell it at local farmers markets including the Northampton Farmers Market.  The ride to their farm is mostly done on a windy dirt road with many beautiful sights along the way.  Today I saw a turkey Mom with 8-10 little ones.  They looked like they were teenagers taking different paths than Mom and her scolding them.  I stopped and watched them for a few minutes.    There cheeses are excellent so if you get a chance try some. 







Taking the hay up the hill and to the barn sure is much easier with an ATV.  I bought the small trailer this spring and its been very useful.    My son David is driving.








Marley, being the imp that he is wanted first dibs at the new hay and got himself tangled in the door chain.   That boy is always getting himself into trouble.











I made some herbal vinegar today, 3 bottles of rosemary and garlic and one bottle of oregano and garlic.  I will make a couple more batches and keep some of them as gifts.  It’s easy to make.  Buy a good quality white vinegar or you can use cider or wine vinegar.  Add some of your favorite herbs,  I like rosemary as you can leave the rosemary and garlic in there.  Other herbs turn mushy and you will have to strain them out.  Bring the vinegar to a low simmer and turn burner off.  Add your washed herbs and garlic if you wish to the bottles and pour the vinegar in.  Seal the bottle with a cork or cap and your done.   A label adds a nice touch.


Thank you for reading my blog and Have a good day.