9 12 2014


It’s a frigid morning here on the farm.  Ice in the chicken water.  Oatmeal is cooling to warm up their tummies.  SHeep are comfortable with their warm coats.  Cats curled around the wood stove.  All is well.


On Sunday morning I went into the coop and he was slumped in the corner.  His comb was very pale for months now, but he was active and running around and eating well.  I really wonder if there wasn’t something wrong, only he seemed fine.  Mr. Peppers is looking for him.  He is lonely.  I called up The CHicken Man and made arrangements to get a couple of hens.

I went down just as dark was approaching.  The smell of wood smoke was wafting through the air.  He lives about 10 minutes drive from my house in a remote part of Colrain.  I love the drive the scenery is spectacular even at that hour.  His coops are sparse in the winter, but he had a few cute bantams and other hens that will be laying soon.  I bought 2 araucana’s so there will be a few more green or blue eggs  coming soon.  Phoebe is the lighter colored one and very shy so no picture of her today, she is also flighty and Helen is the darker one, she is calm and friendly.    Mr. Peppers is on top of the world today!

Mr. Peepers encouraging Helen to try the Oatmeal

Mr. Peepers encouraging Helen to try the Oatmeal


There is a lot of mistakes in this first one but I like how it came out.  I put cotton stuffing in it and some balsam.  I think it would be better if it was firmer though.  My friend Vicki has something that is firm and I will try that.  I will be going  near JoAnns fabric store on the 15th so I may have one half made to see what size of styrofoam I would need if Vicki’s don’t work.  I am working on another one now.  Will share that one when its done.


As I am writing this, the wonderful smell of lemongrass has come up the stairs.  Its bubbling away on the wood stove in the kitchen.  Living in an old house is always interesting.  Sometimes in good ways and other times in bad.  

Many thanks for reading my blog on this cold day.  I hope your day is spectacular.  Carole