26 05 2015


Clouds and sun today with temps soaring near the 90’s.  I am going to plant some herbs before it gets too hot.


The show was great I think there was more people there  Something to see and do for every member of the family.  I saw so many old friends and co-workers and got rid of much of my weaving things.  Glad we had nice cool weather.



I am trying to get a head start on drying peppermint. Not only am I going to use it in teas but will use it in the chicken’s nesting boxes next winter.


Three of my friends brought me three wonderful and different presents while I was at the fair/.

Lisa of Spinners Hill Farm brought me this wonderful pottery cullender with a llama on it in memory of Elliott.. We both know farm loss all to well, she lost her faithful dog companion this spring.  Her Mom helped me with my first rug hooking.  We see each other about once a year but keep in touch through-out the year via internet.


I put this geranium in it till i can get it planted but plan to use it for draining fruit and herbs after washing them.  Just the right size for a quart of blueberries.  I have been collecting this pottery for years and love it.  I try to buy a few pieces every year this year it was plates.

My blogger friend Patti had another surprise for me.  Some caps for my Milk bottles.  I am so happy with them, what a great surprise.   SHe gets her milk delivered.  Its wonderful that in some communities that its still happening.


And last but not east my friend Susan of SUsan’s Home and Garden brought me some wonderful rose scented geraniums.    They are very hard to find and she usually has a few.  I will use the dried leaves in many things.  


To all a heartfelt thank you.


Yesterday morning I gathered the first bunch of peppermint.  Walking back to the stairs I spotted this lone Lilly of the Valley.My Great-Grandmother had some in her yard and I just loved the smell.  It was such a nice treat to find this one.


The year after I moved in here after trying to keep the hill mowed I started turning it all into bushes and flowers.  It has filed in nicely.  Last year I planted 2 lilac bushes which are doing well and the Bleeding Hearts love it here and are spreading.  I am always looking for things to fill in .  No lawn mowers and grass to contend with.  I do love the smell of a freshly cut lawn and sometimes wish I had some but then remember the mowing and am quickly glad that I don’t

Hope you have a wonderful day, many thanks for reading my blog.  Carole




5 06 2014



Last night i went too night check the front coop.  Every night someone seems to be in another place and I will have to find her.  There were 9 hens and Murphy in the front coop.  Last night I only found 8 and Little Lucy has passed away in the corner.



 She was the last of the Golden Comet, a hybrid bird.  I will never get anymore of these.  They are bred to be egg machines and don’t live a long life.   Lucy was Hester’s sister.  She was bossy and bold and had to live apart from her sister because of it.  IN the last year she became less bossy as more hens entered the group. Her life was good.  She laid very large eggs which I think took its toll on her.  She will be missed.


II have been following A Way to Garden on Facebook, by Margaret Roach.   Yesterday she wrote about a book on Bumble Bees.  I read the article on them and found it so interesting that I want to get the book.  The book is called Bumble Bee’s of North America an Identification Guide by Leif Richardson, Princeton Press.  Bumble Bee’s have always been a curiosity to me.  The seem much calmer than other bee’s, they don’t chase you as some bee’s do, they just go about their business.

I didn’t know that they were annuals.  All bee’s in the Bumble Colony die each year except the mated females which overwinter.   THey tend not to be aggressive.  I am hoping to get this book, it’s a must read for gardeners everywhere.




I visited The Farm Stand today to get my tomato and pepper plants.  I got a variety of tomatoes and 6 peppers.l  I found out what I have been doing wrong with the peppers I have been planting.  I was planting them in the same manure rich soil as the tomatoes and they don’t need soil that rich.  I may get another 6 pepper plants.  . I did buy one thyme plant and 6 basil plants and will plant lots of basil seeds this coming weekend.  I use a lot of basil in soups, and sauces during the winter and almost ran out of dried this past winter.

Many thanks for reading my blog today and I hope you had a lovely day.  Carole




3 07 2013





Attar Rose Geranium

Attar Rose Geranium









Only stray showers today but the humidity is terrible. hot and humid through the next week.  I know that I like winter so much better than summer.  There few things I like about summer, one is not paying for oil and the other is that I can grow things.

Books I am Reading

Yesterday on my way to the Dermatologist I was listening to Vermont Public Radio.  I often listen I really do like their programing.  On the Show they had Jack Mayer author of Life In A Jar The Irena Sendler Project.  It’s now my first Kindle purchase.   The book is about 3 Kansas High School Girls who picked Irena Sendly for a history project.  They did a play about Irena which was seen around the country and now in Poland.   Irena saved 2500 Jewish babies from a certain death, the book is about the girls and about Irena.  I can’t wait to read it .

Free Plants

I had to get layer pellets and sheep grain today so I went to Greenfield Farmers Co-op.  They had boxes and boxes of free plants.  Delicata Squash, Pie pumpkins and some other squash.  I got some and they are now planted.  I should have more than enough for myself and to give away.  On the way home I stopped at the $1.00 wagon and got some begonias, hens and chickens and zinnias.  I do love the $1.00 wagon, last year he had mostly perennials and they came back beautifully and are lining my driveway. 


flowers 130

The catnip is ready to be cut and dried.  I hope to get to it tomorrow.


flowers 128                     flowers 129







The day lily’s are starting to bloom here and they are beautiful this year.  Thank you so much for reading my blog and I hope you have a wonderful day.     Carole



20 06 2013


The Farm Visitor

IMG_0624 IMG_0620








Tonight my nightly visitor was in the driveway busily eating, not even botherd by my son and I who both ran to our houses to get our cameras.  After his fill there he went over to the other side of the house.  It’s a routine.  I don’t mind having him around after all we do live in the country and he is out and about at this time  of night.

The Side Garden

The side garden is coming into its own, a few years ago it was just gravel with a few day lilies.  Now there are lots of perennial flowers and a grape-vine which I need to make a trellis for.


Its somewhat shady there and most of the plants were either given to me or gotten later in the summer for a dollar.


I planted marigolds in the flower box on the outside of the Hen house.  They are working well at keeping bugs out .


Today I did get some tomato plants and got them planted, still have lots more to get in , maybe on Friday.  Heat and humidity are coming in for next week and Friday evening Lillie Pad comes to visit.

MURPHY AND EITHER MOLLY OR DOLLY I can't tell them apart

MURPHY AND EITHER MOLLY OR DOLLY I can’t tell them apart


Thank you for taking the time to read my blog and I hope you have a lovely day.    Carole











5 06 2013


Well the machinery is gone and it looks like the clean-up is left to me.  The barn is all cleaned and fresh with DE and shavings.  I don’t have the new hay feeder yet.  Pat is super busy so I may try to find someone else to make it.  The sheep and Elliott have found the new yard quite fun and interesting.  More to explore.

IMG_0534 IMG_0535







  I am planting clover seeds on top of the hay.  I may buy some seed to plant in the fall.  When digging the men uncovered many springs I hope that they don’t cause a problem.  That may be the reason I have had water issues and this diversion will solve the problem.  Next year the sheep may go to pasture.  If they do I will reseed it all when they leave and it will be good for when they come back.  The place is on flat land with a run in shelter and less that 10 minutes from here. I have not looked at the fencing which may be an issue. 

The whole thing looks a mess, that is what happens when you need machinery.  This would have been impossible to do by hand.



Aren’t these beautiful.  I will be getting them ready to box up for Camp Wool.  I have another box that Susan and I will dye for scarves.  Lisa is looking for some grey for me, that would make good beards too.









The Roses seem so fragrant this year.


I have spotted peaches on the tree.  This will be the first year that I have fruit.  When I was a child we had a regular size peach tree in our back yard.  We got bushels and bushels from it.  The whole neighborhood enjoyed peaches for many summers.  This is  a dwarf tree so I don’t expect bumper crops like that but next year I may get another tree.  I so love peaches.



Many thanks for reading my blog and I hope you have a lovely day.          Carole