31 08 2012


Every SPring I plant the EAster Lillies that I buy. It’s a nice surprise to see them blooming in the fall.  The scent just fills the air.  Below is a picture of the Hibiscus flower.  I didn’t get the last one planted as the yellow jackets were out.  I hope to plant it in the morning which they will still be sleepy.                                                                      PERMACULTURE

I picked up this magazine a few days ago at WORD EYE BOOKSTORE in

Greenfield.  They have a wonderful selection of magazines.  This magazine is published in England and I am really enjoying it.   There are many stories about permaculture works all over the  world.    Many people are getting on the band wagon.  I hasn’t yet caught on so much here in the states.  I hope it will soon.

The hens have all settled in so that’s one worry gone.


Happy Day to YOu and thanks for taking the time to read my blog.



30 08 2012


Well the chickens did fine last night.  Their first night in the caravan and only two were worried about going in.  Hester found the nest box right away and staked her claim to it. Helen is checking out the egg she just laid.  There were three eggs in the nest box.  So the move didn’t bother them too much. Marigold somehow got into Amelia and Charlotte’s area and couldn’t remember how to get out.  She sought refuge in their house which is a converted dog house.  I will get a picture of it.  It was reasonably priced and worked out so good.






Today I went to  a Christmas tree farm in GReenfield.  They also have a wonderful assortment of plants.   I picked up two perennial hibiscus.  I have planted one.  I do love them and had one when I lived in Holyoke some almost 40 years ago.  Each year it produces saucer size bright pink flowers.    I have been want to get them for some time but they are hard to find in this area.


Last night I trimmed around Marley’s neck, he appreciated it so much.  He can be so good he just stood there and let me do it.

I will try to get him all trimmed soon.  A little at a time.  The shearer and I have not been able to co-ordinate times.

I am off to rug hooking at the Bangs Center in Amherst.

Thanks for reading my blog.





29 08 2012


THE CHICKEN CARAVAN IS DONE AND THE CHICKENS ARE IN THE YARD.                                                                  

I have to paint the nest box and the back side and I am finished .    There will be fewer eggs for a while as they adjust to their new surroundings.  They were happy with all the new weeds and bugs.    It took the three of us from 11 to 2:30 to get it all done.

Now I can add the two new vents that I bought for their area and whitewash it. I want to add another 2 nest boxes and a board near the window so they can perch there.



They are separated from the two hens I bought this summer by a fence.  Amelia sqwaked all afternoon.  SHe apparently doesn’t like the new neighbors.

The boys have left to go on a fishing trip with their Dad.  It sure is quiet here.

I saw this advertisement in a magazine.  6 more weeks.

Thanks  for taking the time to read my blog.

Happy Day To You     Carole                                                                                                                                                                                                                    


29 08 2012


This morning after all the animals were fed and a wall in the dining room painted we left for my appointment with Danielle at Heart and Hand for some body work.  The boys checked out some stores in Greenfield.   I wanted them to have lunch at The Farm Table at Kringle Candle.   I had been there once before with some friends.  All the food is local and mostly organic.  Everything is extremely fresh and cooked to order.  It’s a beautiful atmosphere.

The boys had a desert called TAKE 5 and we highly recommend it.




We ended up at the candle shop and purchased a few candles.                 Putting up the snow fence. Chris and I put the snow fence around the outside chicken.  I have been wanting to do it for over a year.  With the help of Chris it was done in an hour.  It would have taken me most of the day.  Last night I was putting the two hens that are  out there in bed and it was almost dark.  My son, David who lives next door came out with a brighter flashlight and told me not to go into the yard.  There, running away was a skunk who had been enjoying the hens corn on the cob.   Everyone likes corn!  I realized that I really need to get the snow fence up as another barrier to the wild beasts.   The fence will grow some hops and scarlet runner beans next and the reclaimed land will host some other plants.  Maybe raspberries.   Ricky was busy helping David put some things in a dumpster he just rented.   Tomorrow we hope to finish the caravan and have the hens in it.  The boys are winding up their time here and will be leaving here tomorrow afternoon.  I surely will miss them and all their help.



27 08 2012


Today I was given a large bag of old linens.  They belong  to my friend
 Carol.     The bag was given to me by


family members who weren’t interested in it.  Carol had wanted me to have some pieces but now I have the whole bag.  Some of the linens were made by her mother and others by Carol.  They have been stored for

over 40 years so will need a soaking in fabreze.        There is an old green blanket in the bag , it is woven with a

fine thread and wool.  It’s a small blanket and I wonder if it was carol’s when she was a baby. 






I have two friends, Debbie and Susan whom I will consult with about cleaning them.  There are many stains, from years of being out of use.  I used a lot of my family’s cherished linens and dishes.  Why put things away when you can enjoy them



 I am hoping to make pillows and things like that out of some of them.  One piece is big enough for a baby blanket  so I may make that for my granddaughter Lillie who is to arrive sometime in October.  Each Piece will be a treasure for a member of my family.                                                                                                                                                                                                              


The garden is winding down, but I am still busy canning and freezing.  I bought some beets yesterday and plan to can pickled beets the end of the week.  I am still doing tomato sauce.