1 05 2016


Finally rain today and tomorrow with showers off and on the rest of the week.  It’s badly needed.


The surgery was very successful .  Almost immediately the results were seen.  We did try everything we could think of  but nothing worked.  The eye was removed and Maude is her old self again.  She still has a way to go.  The stitches need to be in at least a week and we are on day 4-1/2.  It would be better if they stayed in 10 days..  She is rubbing and I am putting antibiotic meds underneath where the stitches.are.  She is eating well and so much more with it..




 In another week or so she can have supervised visits with Carol K. Then in three weeks if all goes well she can return with the group.  My sincere thanks to Dr. Stephanie and Dr. Amy who did a wonderful job and are the most kind and considerate Vets.  Dr. Stephanie brought Maude dandelion greens yesterday when she came to give her a booster shot.    I am getting back to my old self too.  The past weeks have been hard on all at the farm.  Many things left undone and need to get done and now they can be tended too.  Many thanks to all of you that have sent good wishes and thoughts, they have helped me in so many ways.


Now is the time of year you see advertisements for two-year old chickens for sale.  They go cheaply.  People want new birds for more eggs.  I keep all my hens.  They range in age from 1 to 14.  All still laying!!!!  I get at least 5 eggs a day and will get more in the summer.  My philosophy is to keep all hens and get two new ones each August.  It has worked.  My 14-year-old hen Francis lays an egg every other day all summer long.  Another hen, Gladys who is up there in age has been laying a couple of eggs a week all during the winter, she was given to me and her owners said she hardly lays. The following is a picture of her beautiful blue egg.


So if you want to start a flock now might be the time to get a few hens who are already laying.   If they were going to have a problems with laying it would have shown up by now.The price is right and sometimes they are free.  Look on your local poultry site and have fun.  Chickens are delightful creatures and teach one all kinds of life lessons.


i have lots of old parts of spinning wheels lying around.  Just couldn’t find  a product that would put some life back into them permanently.  I had read an article somewhere  about beeswax being the best thing for wood.  I have a wonderful supplier of the best bees-wax.  He lives in Florida and I have visited his operation many times when visiting my Mom in Florida.  The wax comes from the orange groves and is very fragrant.  I love it and love supporting this small business even though it’s not local.

Beeswax Furniture Polish and Restorer

1/4 cup beeswax

3/4 cup olive oil



Buy the best bees-wax and olive oil you can.  When buying olive oil make sure its pure olive oil and not a combination of other oils too.  Check the label and make sure its got a long shelf life.

Melt the beeswax in a double boiler, after its melted  pour in the olive oil and heat thoroughly, stirring occasionally to make sure its blended well.  At this point if you desire you could add a few drops of essential oils.  I feel that the beeswax is fragrant enough so I don’t add anything.  Pour into a jar and let set overnight before you use it.

It’s not as quick as a spray can of furniture polish but what it does for your wood is remarkable.  And to top it off there are not petroleum products in this and you made it yourself in 10 minutes.  

Remember when melted the bees-wax and olive oil  care should be given  Both are flammable.  An old sock is a great way to apply and polish.

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15 06 2013


Good Hay

It can be hard to find good. hay.  My sheep over the past  few months have been eating okay hay.  It the first time that particular field was cut.   I have been talking to Joe Hilman about hay for a month now.  He has plenty of last years and will be cutting  this years crop if it ever stops raining.  The fields where he cuts are at my friend Lynn’s house.  This is where my sheep used to summer pasture.  Joe takes tender, loving care of the fields so the hay is excellent.   I can get it right off the field.  Last night the sheep and Elliott had their first taste of the good hay, they ate it with vigor.  I hope to get my whole years supply from Joe.  He and his wife have a thriving goat cheese business but are not milking as many goats as they once did .


The Shop

Today I am making bee’s wax candles and 1 ounce pieces of bees-wax.  Yesterday was a soft opening and  3 of my things were sold and Christa said it was a great day.  I am anxious to go down and  see how it looks all set up..Look for pictures tomorrow

IMG_0589                                                                 IMG_0588










I make a lot of the 1 ounce  of the bee’s wax.  They come in handy for so many things.  Bee’s wax is used in a lot of salves and things like that, people who spin use it, people who sew. it can be quite helpful if your drawers stick, so many uses.


The rain has stopped for a few days.  The sun was beautiful yesterday and clothes will finally be hung out today.  It will take weeks of dry weather to dry up the back.  I think though I won’t have to have anyone in to do more heavy equipment work.  It’s just a matter of getting in the muck and redirecting the path of the water.  It worked yesterday and the water was diverted to the side of the barn.  Deeper ditches need to be dug and dirt moved away.  Hopefully tomorrow I will be able to do some of that work.

G-8 Summit

The G-8 summit is going to be held soon, all signs of opposition have been taken down on roadways in Ireland.  Only signs on private land are left up.  We certainly wouldn’t want any of the members to have hurt feelings!!!!!!  Those summits are a waste of taxpayers money  and certainly they don’t care about the common person. In  Ireland now they have  a carbon tax which will be a $.75 tax on a bag of coal, who buys coal anyway, only people who cannot afford oil and kerosene.  Isn’t that an insult.  We do the same or worse in the U.S.   My fondest wish is that there would be more honesty and humanity in governments everywhere.  We have to put the people first not big business.

Thank you for reading my blog and I hope you have a lovely day.     Carole


16 03 2013


We have had sun and clouds today with some snow flurries early this morning.  This afternoon it was in the 40’s but now its getting cold again.  What can one expect from March.


Today I looked through my stash for some green, nothing seemed right.  I found a skirt that I had bought at Frenchies in Nova Scotia  and decided to see how it would come out in a really bright green dye.  It was perfect, the blue in the skirt overdyed well.P1020506















I did take the red out of the rug and put in oranges.  I like how its coming out and I have decided to at least finish the carrot.


While searching for the green I found some muted colors to do the back ground.  I think they will blend in very well.




While we were in Florida, Cindy needed to get  a few things at the Tropical Blossom Honey Co.  I have been buying all my bee’s wax for candles and salve  for years there.  The wax is gathered from nearby Orange orchards.   It’s so fragrant.  I came home with another 5 pounds.  They didn’t have much left so I am glad to get it.   In the next few weeks I will be making some candles and some 1 ounce pieces.

Thank you so much for reading my blog and I hope you have a wonderful day.    Carole



15 10 2012









Today I am trying to finish the sunflowers.  I had forgotten how much time goes into each one.  FIrst you need cut the hooking material and then cut the material to proddy the petals.  After the hooking is done you need to cut them out and sew the ends to the inside.  I cut a piece of dark wool bigger than the flower and sew that on dipping the wooden branch into some glue and inserting it before the sewing is finished.  I also add some powdered cloves and cinnamon and allspice before it is all sewed.  I can usually sell all I can make.  This year it may be only 8.  In the picture is also a small pin and I may make more of them.





I have been making bees-wax candles for years.  I buy the bees way from a gentleman in Edgewater,Florida who promotes bees . THe place is called Tropical Blossom Honey Company.  In his shop he has a small museum of antique bee keep equipment.  It’s always interesting to visit him as you never know what new products he will have.  His wax is from local orange groves.  The smell is heavenly.  I have bought bees-wax elsewhere but it’s never been as fragrant or as good.  And it is certainly nice to buy from someone who is doing what he can to keep bees going and educating people about them.




The whitewashing looks better today than it did yesterday.  It gets a little darker as it dries.  I hope to finish that tomorrow.


Fall has slipped by pretty fast.  The colors weren’t quite as beautiful as in other years and because of all the rain we have been having, the leaves are leaving the trees much earlier.   WHen I first got my sheep I used to go out in the pasture in the fall with my spinning wheel and sit under a colorful tree with them.  The  sun shinning down through the trees and the smell of the leaves, what a delightful and tranquil way to spend an afternoon.

 Thank you for reading my blog and I hope you have a wonderful day.