6 10 2012





Yesterday I received the garlic bulbs.  They look great.  I had ordered more than 2 pounds and I only received a pound.  Which means that they have run out of some varieties.  I will have to find some elsewhere.  The picture is this years supply minus two bunches which I gave away and the new bulbs.  Last years bulbs were hanging in the barn and I wanted to get them in before  a freeze.  I think I will have enough for the year.  If you have never grown garlic this is the time of year to plant it in the northeast.   Get the bulbs from your local farm store as the bulbs that they sell in your local grocery store may not be suitable to plant in your area.  I do lightly mulch them after planting .





It’s almost done.  I can’t believe the hours that this thing took.  I still have the nose, several teeth and some more of my Grandma Utley’s buttons to put on.  I think that it came out cute .  Tomorrow I will have to find a stick to hang it with,












Tomorrow I am leaving for Florida.  I try to go every 2 months to visit my Mom who has some dementia and lives in  assisted living.  I am planning on visiting an Alpaca Farm .  My Cousin Gary who is from Maryland is meeting me in Orlando and it will be a wonderful time.  I will report from there.

Tonight I am leaving you with a picture of Mrs. Brown all tucked in for the night.  Many thanks for reading my blog and hope you have a  wonderful day.