18 01 2014



Willie’s world is back to normal, he is eating well and doing his usual things  WIllie came into my life after me saying no more cats for what seems like the millionth time.  People moved out of a rental house and just left the cats when they moved .  Willie is a love bug, friendly and sweet .



The chickens are enjoying the milder weather but still not laying.  This is the time of year that they slow down anyway and will start-up when the days get a little longer.  Most of the people on the local chicken group are having the same problem with laying.   On the group there has been much discussion about using heat lamps and there was a fire in a coop because of one  In all the years I have had chickens they have been fine without the extra heat.  I tighten things up in the fall and add plastic over the window and have been insulating the outside walls of the coops.


I have made these small pillows as Christmas presents now I am making them for my website and the shops.  The tops of them are done and I will sew the back on, I am not sure what I will fill them with but I know that I will add lavender and rose petals to that.  They are not large only about 7-8 inches wide by 10 or so inches long , made out of mostly wool and fun to make.


 I have also got 6 spinning hooks almost done.



I got a call from my Cousin Gary last night and his family homestead burned down yesterday afternoon.  Luckily his father who is in his 90’s was out.  The news took my breath away.  That house was a home to me too  I spent time there as a child, my children spent time there and I lived on their property for a few years.  Everything gone but no lives lost.  I have momentos from my Aunt who was always busy making things and  treasure them more now.

Louise’s Gift.


I received this wonderful Winnie The Poo bear handmade buy my friend Louise from Montreal.  SHe even sent the pattern which I am going enlarge and make some out of soft felted wool.  Also a wonderful dark chocolate bar was in the package and that was eaten right away.  When you receive a present such as this and every stitch was made with Louise’s hands it’s just so special.  We had a lovely chat tonight.