25 10 2016


Fall here in Colrain has been beautiful.   We avoided the drought that everyone else had this past summer, so the colors were spectacular..  The air has a chill in it these days letting us know winter is not far behind.  The gentle sound of the sheep happily munching on their hay this morning reminded me just why I continue to do this.  Their coats are now getting heavy with wool .  Cosmo is doing quite well, acting more like a kitten than an older cat..  The chickens are almost done with their molt and ready for the dark days ahead.  I am hoping to get a small hoop house done for them but time is fleeing and it may not get done.  Today is the last day for the Tuesday Greenfied Farmers Market to be outside .  We will be inside on Main Street.  Look for our signs.


I saw this quilt pattern  years ago and decided it would make a great rug.    I dyed the yarn from the flock and  changed the pattern slightly.  I have to finish whip stitching it and put a backing on it.



I was asked last year to teach the Springfield Weavers how to hook with yarn.  A couple of Saturdays ago the day arrived.  It was a wonderful Day with new friends and many old friends.  I was a weaver many years ago, taking a 4 year class at Hill Institute.  This group was a group that I had belonged to.

We had a wonderful day and fun was had by all.  They all hooked and  many I think , will continue to do so.  I haven’t woven in years and got rid of my looms.  But maybe I may do some weaving again only on a smaller loom.  I do long to do some overshot which was my favorite weave and would love to make some hand towels to sell.  Who knows what the future will bring.

The leaves are mostly gone in the woods now with the wild winds of this past weekend.  I did get my garlic planted and plan to spread manure on a new area where I plan to plant flax in the spring and pumpkins and gourds to sell at the  market next year.

Many thanks for reading my blog on this crisp fall day.  Carole




17 10 2015


It’s  very cool morning here with temps just rising to the mid fifty’s today.  It will be  cold weekend with some frosts coming.


This has been  tradition since I was a child.  I have been out twice and will go out today looking for more.  I especially am waiting for the oak leaves which offer an array of colors.  They aren’t quite ready yet.  It’s a wonderful thing to do with children, that is how I learned to tell a maple from an oak.

My Mom would put a square of wax in an old pan and put the pan in simmering water so the wax would melt slowly.  We would have  cookie sheet lined with waxed paper at the ready and I would hand her the leaves.  She would carefully dip them into the wax and  hand them to me.  I would let them drip and lay them on the sheet. These leaves would be used in decorations around the house .  Years later I would send her waxed leaves when she lived in Florida  and missed the fall.

Another method of preserving leaves is with glycerin.  I have used this method to preserving the leaves right on the branches.  Happy leaf hunting.IMG_5974


Cindy often sends me things from my beloved Ireland.  This time it was the cherished items that we loaded our suitcases with .  Fairy Liquid and Radox.  Since we have rented houses in Ireland for the past 20 years we have to supply the simple things such as dish detergent and groceries.   When I smell the above two products it just sends me back to the place I love.  Thanks Cindy.  Now to light up a brick of turf and I am happy.



My kitchen has needed renovation for years.  There has always been more important things to fix in this old farmhouse.  I have bought a double Soapstone sink for $75. many years ago and it sits in the downstairs barn area waiting to be installed.  Maybe next year that will happen and it will make , canning, dyeing wool and making soap so much easier.  But for now I am fixing up some of the walls with beadboard.  I am inspired by Kristen Nicholas with her colorful farmhouse and using colors that I would not ordinarily use. 

The kitchen  was made by combining two areas many years ago.  A wood shed  and the original kitchen.  Both have no cellar and are only a foot or so above the dirt which is why pipes freeze so easily in the winter.  My neighbor , Pat redid most of the wood shed portion some years ago, insulating the walls and adding a new window.  I love how that looks   

Chris and I started this project while he was here.  Neither of us are carpenters but we forged ahead and got it done with .  One wall done and painted.  I hope to get another wall started today.  It will probably take most of the winter to get all the walls done and painted.  Some of the  walls will have beadboard only half way up and the upper walls painted another color.  I am going to paint some sunflowers on the walls , thank to you Kristen for the wonderful ideas of color and design.  Look for more pictures of my progress in the future.


The small window comes from my Great-Grandmother’s house i Maryland.  When they were tearing it down I saved some of the windows.


Hope you have a wonderful day and many thanks for reading my blog.  Carole



11 10 2015


We had some needed rain on Friday and a hint of frost last night.   Another beautiful fall day.  Chris is here helping me and we had a camp fire at my son’s house last night with S’mors.  It is the simple things in life that mean so much.


The boys roasting marshmallows


It’s a great time to see wild turkey’s




A few times a  year the Colrain Volunteer Fireman have a pancake Breakfast.  It’s a way to support the good works they do and help them get new equipment.


Family picture


Another exquisite show from British TV.  I was able to watch some of the first show online and will finish watching it soon.  The second show will be on PPS at 8 pm our local time.  Check you local PPS station near you.  The scenery and acting are  wonderful.

Many thanks for reading my blog on this bright fall day.   Carole


6 10 2015


We are lucky to be having beautiful fall weather while other parts of the country are in crisis mode with severe flooding.  The wash is on the line and I am ready to get going a full day of chores.



I put this wreath together yesterday with Chinese Lanterns and bittersweet from the yard.  The bittersweet is not quite open yet but in a few days it will be in full bloom.  This morning it was in the low 40’s so I had better get my herbs picked and dried.  Frost will be here before we know it.


I got the window up in the Chicken Coop.  The wire in front needed fixing so that was done too.  While I was doing that I noticed a few boards that needed to be nailed in and did that.  It’s never just one thing!!!!  I also decided to get the evergreens picked and put in the window box before a hard frost.  I added a pumpkin and some bittersweet for a  fall decoration.


So many of my bird houses this year need repair.  I am painting one of them and hope to get it up sometime tomorrow.  There are three more to fix and get up.  


I got my old walnut hulls saved from last year and am now doing some dyeing .  I have left the wool in with the hulls overnight.  I am hoping that it gives the wool a darker color.




I have been looking all over for a Chervil to embroider.  They are none that pleased me.  The other day I was going to the bank in Shelburne Falls  and parked in the parking lot and saw some Queen Ann Lace.  It looks great in its fall state so I picked three and now am working on a pattern.

I cut them in half and put them on my copier.  I hope the copy is clear enough to  copy free-hand on my fabric.  I plan to start it tomorrow and will let you know how it comes out.


I hope you have a wonderful day and many thanks for reading my blog.   Carole





25 10 2013



The Crafts of Colrain is early this year.  I am busy still getting things put away from the NY show and want to make a few things for the tour.  It’s on the 9th and 1oth of November.  It will be a great two days , I hope the weather will hold, November is a fickle month.  I as hoping that the big project on the house would be done  by then but they are not starting on it till the Monday after Thanksgiving.


I read this old quote from a blog at Deanne Fitzpatrick’s website recently and it really apply’s to all of us who live where the seasons change.

“I’m glad I live where Seasons change, I like my world to rearrange.”  Fall is a rearrange season, time to get the firewood and pellets in place.  Put plastic on windows where there are no storm windows, Get Draft Dodgers in place, this year I m making small ones for the bottom of old windows and where the two windows meet in the middle.  Lots of drafts come in there.  Cleaning up the yard and putting tools away.  Having extra supplies of animal feed on hand because there are those days when one can’t get out in the winter.  Fall is a busy time and it leads us into winter where time slows down.   Winter is a time when things get done that you didn’t have time for in the Spring, Summer and Fall.  Projects that you just had to put off.  I look forward to it now, but I can say when I was working I dreaded each snow or ice storm.  Now with extra supplies I don’t have those worries anymore.


My friend Patti recommended this book “ONCE UPON A FLOCK BY LAUREN SCHEUER.


  I am glad she did, it’s a book of stories about her flock.  I read it in an afternoon. My family and friends have been encouraging me for years to write down all the animal stories and have them published.    The illustrations in this book are just what I wanted in my book.  This winter I will take the time to write the stories and I will contact her about illustrating.  Even if I publish it myself  it will be a fun project.


These two pictures are of the stone wall in back of the pasture.














 Less than a hundred years ago this mountain in back of my house contained very few trees and a flock of merino sheep.  It’s interesting how things change.  Stone Walls dot all of New England dividing pastures and ownership of land.  Stone walls are endearing to me, in the 1946 house I grew up in my Grandfather and Uncle Roger hauled stones from Chesterfield and build a stone wall in our backyard. It terraced the property making a lovely garden area with wonderful steps going up to it.   SOme of these stones were from family homesteads from way back in our family history.  I would have liked a stone from that wall but the time to get that has passed.  I do hope that the owner of the property appreciates the beauty of it.

Many thanks for reading my blog on this Fall day.  I hope your day is wonderful.   Carole