16 10 2016






We have had a couple of very cold mornings and some frost hs touched the pumpkin leaves.  The beans and flowers are still doing well.  This year the frost has come late.


The chickens are all in their winter spots,

On these cold nights Morticia is looking for someone to cozy with!

On these cold nights Morticia is looking for someone to cozy with!

and I am thinking of making a hoop house for the front chickens.  I can use cattle panel fence  which I have and I will need some cement blocks, and heavy plastic.  I was told I could probably find some heavy plastic from a greenhouse.  I will have to have some ventilation and a door that I can get in and out.  I have been wanting to do this for years and often thought of a glass green house and started collecting windows for this purpose.  I think this is easier.

The cats are all well.  Cosmo shows no sign of the cancer bothering him yet although the lump is back.  He is frisky like a kitten now.  Happy days for him.



Shorty, the elusive Baby and Willie taking their morning nap

Shorty, the elusive Baby and Willie taking their morning nap





Sammy prefers the bed for a cozier nap

Sammy prefers the bed for a cozier nap









The little lamb that was suppose to come to Maude was sickly and died so she will spend the winter separated from the sheep.  She seems okay with that we will see how it goes.

I have been busy gardening canning and freezing and making things for shows and the farmers market.

garlic waiting to be planted and bread and butter pickles

garlic waiting to be planted and bread and butter pickles









 I am thinking of growing  mushrooms for a cash crop next year so am reading up on them.  I still plan to plant flax and more pumpkins and gourds to sell at the market.



These are the stairs that go up to the barn.  I carry hay and 50  pounds of grain up these stairs and have done so for the last 18 years.  I have felts quite lucky to have not fallen down them as there are steep.  Well last Saturday I did fall down 4 of the stairs.  I bent my unbendable knee and hurt my back.  I am fine but will take more care now.  Lesson learned!!!!!!!

A couple of these may be in my future!!!!!


Many thanks for reading my blog on this cool fall morning.



8 10 2015

The weather is still holding out but rain is coming tomorrow. Picked over a quart of sting beans,I  will get herbs picked over the weekend and dry most and make pesto with the basil.


I spent most of last winter sick and in bed with an unknown illness.  My family Doctor thought I needed a sleep study! These days you need to be your own physician.  My friend Danielle lent me a book on Lymes and many of the symptom were the same ones I had. Years ago I did get a bite and had the bull’s eye rash and was not treated.  (I no longer go to or would recommend that practice)  I did find someone who listened and knew a lot about lymes but they hesitate to treat unless your testing is positive. Many people have lymes but don’t always test positive.  So life hangs in the balance while I wait for symptoms to show up.  Better treatment can be found near Boston but that is more than 2 hours away.   If you are not treated so many horrible things can happen to you and you would never think about the tick bite.  I wanted to have the tick tested but its $50.  You would think that the state would do it for free considering the epidemic that is happening here.  


Carol is an inquisitive sheep.  She always wants to see what is going on.  When I went up into the barn it smelled skunky but that can happen with a skunk spending some time there.  Yesterday while I was out in the yard she came over to the fence and she was pretty stinky.  At least it wasn’t around her eyes and the smell will eventually get out of her fleece.  It seems that no one else got it, her favorite sleeping spot is near the barn door, that may not be a good spot for her.


I have been want to make these cute decorations for a few years now.  The instructions called for hooked pieces.  I spent some time figuring out how to get it done with wool material and of course changed it up some.  After a few attempts this is how it came out.  I want to make a Christmas tree, a cat and a sheep.  


Hope to have it stuffed and glued to the bobbin tomorrow.


Today I spent a good part of the day canning pickled beets.   It’s a process.  First the beets have to be washed and then cooked.  The outer skin has to come off and then they can be sliced.  A mix of vinegar, sugar, water cinnamon and ground cloves was brought to a boil and the beets put  into the sterilized  jars  and covered with the vinegar mix.    They are then put into the canner and brought up to a boil and 30 minutes after that they can be taken out.  I got 2 quarts, 2 pints 1 half pint and a jelly jar.  I am pleased considering I grew beets as an after thought and never thinned them   They were heirloom seeds so the beets are all different colors.    Next year I plant to get more of the half pint jars.  It makes more sence for me to have more serving sizes.  The whole house smells of the vinegar mix.


Many thanks for reading my blog today.  Carole


23 08 2014



Today I canned tomatoes.   It’s a long tradition in my family.


 On steamy, hot summer days in Maryland, the small gas stove in my Grandmothers basement  was lit.  The women in the family were busy cutting and peeling tomatoes right from the garden.  As a child it seemed like a day long project they were only finished when all the tomatoes were done and the jars were on the shelves in the basement.  These women, my Grandmother and her daughters knew how important it was to have food on the shelves.  They had gone through the depression.  My Grandmother fed many Hobo’s tomato sandwiches, they were appreciative and it might have been the only meal they would have had that day.

My Mother continued the practice and I can vividly see the stocked shelves in our basement..  Jars and jars of blueberries picked from the farm, peaches from our own tree, tomatoes, beans and corn from our garden, and pickles of all kinds.  She always made Mustard Pickle with a recipe that was handed down from my Dad’s Mom.  I wish I could find the recipe.

Today I am also cooking diced tomatoes in the crock pot.  Herbs,garlic and peppers from the garden are added to the tomatoes and some diced onions from the farmers market top it off.  These will be put in packets and frozen for sauces for this  coming winter.



I am hoping to dry some peaches and more herbs.  Plan to freeze the string beans and some corn and make pickled beets.




Angus went to  the vets yesterday.  He had been having all sorts of problems.  He will celebrate his `17th birthday next week along with his brother Shorty.  His blood work and tests came back in the okay range so fluids were given and he has to take an appetite enhancer.  He hates pills and will hold them in the side of his mouth for as long as 10 minutes and then you  see him spit it out!  Dr. Funk showed me how to do it.  He has to go back today for more fluids.  He was so happy to be home.  He likes living upstairs now.

Its been raining here for a couple of days now so I did not do the farmers market yesterday.  It’s a gentle rain so that is good.  The cukes are starting to ripen and there may be enough for making bread and butter pickles later this month.  Chris will be leaving on Sunday and Ricky will be here for a few days.  He will be helping me to inventory all the family items in the house.  We will take a picture of the item and then he will write a narrative.  So many things have been handed down to me I want my family to know where these things came from.


Here is the latest photo of the boys.  They are grand roosters.  They have marvelous crows and are very friendly.  When it gets cooler they will be living with the sheep upstairs for the winter.


Hope you have a wonderful day and many thanks for reading my blog.  Carole




29 09 2012


On Thursday we had a Farm To Fiber Meeting.  The final touches on the vendor applications were made and they will be going out in the mail and via e-mail shortly.  For anyone who wants to become a vendor at this wonderful fiber event please e-mail me at wspines@aol.com and I will be sure that you receive an application.


It is with a broken heart I let you know of the passing of Ernest Dodge.  He crossed the Rainbow Bridge yesterday and I am sure is with his beloved Ethel.  We at the farm will miss him more than words can tell.  Today we buried him on the hill where the garden was this year.  My friend Susan suggested a bench and I think I will get one.  It will be a nice place to sit and take a break from the garden chores.  I did plant some hyacinths they will be nice in the spring.


Today I am making Corn Relish.  It’s a birthday present for my son-in-law Rick.   When I gave him the Chopped Suey Pickles he commented how much he liked spicy corn relish so I have added one hot pepper to the recipe.    This is the end of the season corn and I think the liquid wouldn’t have been so milky if I had done it earlier in the season.  It tastes great and it is hot!!!!!!!!


I also made bread today.  I am hoping to make a batch once a week.    It came out good.  Nothing smells better than bread baking in the oven.   My friend Francine said that she makes the dough in the bread machine and finishes it in the oven.  That would be a lot easier and I think that I will try it next time.

Tomorrow I am going to our local ATHA meeting and lunch.  I am going to bring my cats and pumpkin project.

Hope you have a wonderful day and thanks for reading my blog.