16 04 2014



I was quite pleased that the Green Mountain Rug Hooking Guild voted to not be a member of ATHA.  Now anyone who wants to come to meeting can do so and not be a member of ATHA.  I have to say the vote was not by a landslide to which I was surprised. I  am glad the issue is resolved and everyone is welcome to come to a Green Mountain meeting.



I have had so much fun doing this rug.  I was able to get some small pieces of just the right color of wool to do the nose, mouth and the center of one of the ears.  I hope to finish it before Easter but since she is not the Easter Bunny she will adorn my walls all year-long.


I have been saving Morticia’s and Mrs. Brown’s eggs and last night I dyed them.  This morning I will add the decorations to the tops and they will be done.






Minnie is not well and we made a trip to Dr. Funk’s this morning.  At first he thought that she was in kidney failure but after she had blood work done her numbers were much better than he thought.  She was very dehydrated and needed fluids and might need them the rest of her life.  I will have my second lesson at giving them to her tomorrow.  She is not eating at all so that is still an issue.   Maybe he will be able to give her something to help that tomorrow.  The poor little mite is only 6.5 pounds, she can’t afford to skip any meals.



Many thanks for reading my blog today and I hope your day was lovely.   Carole









Minnie has not been well so went to Dr.Funk’s office this morning.  SHe can’t keep any food down.  Af first Dr. FUnk thought she was in Kidney failure but her numbers came back better than he thought.  SHe was very dehydrated and will have to be hydrated every few days.  After  that she looked much better.  I will have to do this, Its not my thing at all but will have another lesson at it tomorrow with her and that will be that.  I am hoping that she can eat, she needs to put on some weight, she is only 6.5 pounds.  He said some older cats need extra hydration even though it looks like they are drinking a lot.  

Many thanks for reading my blog and I hope you have a lovely day.    Carole