16 08 2013


I have been under the weather lately and finally went to the doctors and was surprised  at what she had to say.  I have pleurisy most likely from that very moldy bale of hay.  To me Pleurisy is an old-fashioned word that I haven’t heard anyone say for at least 20 years.  I am somewhat better now staying away from dusty things, I still spend lots of my day with Sadie in the barn but try not to stir up things.


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This is the view from the computer room.

 I was going to pull up all the jewel weed there and plant some other things and put my white church bird house there.  Yesterday while at the computer I noticed about 20 bumble bee’s going to each flower so the jewel weed will stay as it is,  I will paint the bird house and stick it in the middle of all of it.  Spring will be a good time to plant perennials, in the meantime I can figure out just what I would like there.


Chris and I went blueberry picking.

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 The weather is perfect for it.  Instead of going all the way to Chesterfield we went to a local place in Shelburne.  They sell blueberries and Christmas trees something which I had hope to do on a property that I owned years ago.  The berry fields are located on top of a hill overlooking the valley and Vermont to the north.  We got about 4 pounds, the season for these type of berries is almost over, but in a couple of weeks they will have late berries and I plan to go back and pick some for the freezer.  I am planning to make Lynn’s Blueberry pie soon and will show you a picture of it and the recipe, it’s very easy and so so good.



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The berries and a  beautiful old well taken care of New England Barn.



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We have been working on the hen-house.  It’s slowly coming together and I hope to have it finished by Monday and the hens in it.  I love the fact that almost everything that is being used is recycled.  The basic frame is an old hay feeder which I have used for many years, and lots of the wood is recycled from projects.  When its painted it will all go together.

Many thanks for reading my blog on this cool summer day.  I hope you have a wonderful day.  Carole