15 06 2016


Summer days are upon us with bright blue skies and balmy weather.  I am still planting my garden, better late than never. I took this picture of Charlie the Chipmunk this morning.  I was wondering where all my tiny strawberries were.  His mouth is covered with  juicy strawberries.  There is plenty for all.




Next years hay for the sheep is in the making now.  I have found a reliable farm to buy my hay from.  A farm that has been in existence for over 100 years.  The farming practices have changed with the times.  From Milking cows to hay, compost and straw.  Its long grueling work but so satisfying.  John takes good care of his fields and has a long list of people whom he sells to.   Below is a picture of the hay in progress.



Progress has been made on the Seamus Rug.  I hope to finish it this coming weekend.  I hope to get a class gong at SHeep and Shawl but first have to make a small sample.



On my second time up to the barn this morning I noticed that Maude and a pink spot on the side of her face.  Now she could have gotten this from rubbing on the barn door.  Her fleece is very greasy and that can be itchy.  I looked up onto the hill and saw a piece of a fence that had popped up.  It must have been buried and with all their walking and eating it came to the surface.  It was easy to pull up and all is well.



Maaaaaaaaaaaa there is not enough clover in this hay was the morning call from Lucy

Maaaaaaaaaaaa there is not enough clover in this hay was the morning call from Lucy


I am giving the small South Bedroom a through cleaning and decided to wash the quilt.  No easy job as it entails taking out the stitches of the bottom and removing the wool batting.  While attempting to do that I see some wear and tares  in  some of the fabric.  An easy job may take days to fix.     I will spend the afternoon and evening getting it back in shape.

IMG_6832 Many thanks for reading my blog today and I hope you have a lovely day.  Carole


27 01 2015



All the preparation was for not.  We had around 6 inches of snow.  It was very windy and still is windy but we didn’t lose power and the snow was light and fluffy.    It was and is very cold.  Icicles now hang from the roofs.



One of the preparations for the storm was separating Elliott from the sheep.  I had a gate which almost fits across the barn and he has been very comfortable there.  He will get up and move around but doesn’t have to worry about the sheep eating his food and tripping him.  I notice on warmer days he is much better much like me arthritis does that. It’s hard to watch such a vibrant and regal animal wind down.  He has protected the sheep day and night and now deserves some peace from them. 

This is the year of separating Marly too.  At least in the winter.  He is so unruly and can be quite mean.  I can never turn my back on him or I will be flying in the air like a cartoon character.  He will be in the same area that the sheep are in but he will not be with them.  


The birds have kept me hopping, eating food faster than I can fill the feeders.  Our neighborhood Ruby Woodpecker even came around trying to finish off the suet.


Not the greatest picture taken through the kitchen window, he was pecking at the suet 100 miles an hour!

I have been spending this down time mending some things.  I have a whole basket full of things that need a little hand sewing here and there.  It’s a perfect thing to do on a cold, windy day.  I also managed to fix a problem on my computer although it took me a few timeS of playing around with it to get it done.

Many thanks for reading my blog today and i hope you have a wonderful day.  Carole




12 01 2015


Its a balmy 30 degrees today, no coat need in the barn although water was frozen in the chicken area.  It was very cold last evening.




For many years having a house full of cats I realize a snow day means lots of wonderful things to them.  Some cats sleep the day away but Willie knows that there will be birds in the lilac bushes. Most of his day will be watching them fly from the feeder to the bushes.


Sam on the other hand has found the newly mended sweater and will spend his day happily dozing on that.


Shorty has found a pile of wool which I need to put away and is napping on that and Owen and Baby are seeping together in a quiet room downstairs near the food.


The sweater was found in a box of things from Belchertown.  I had forgotten about it.  Its hand-spun from a wool and silk combination from my friend Ceacy.  Done in the early 90’s it sat in this box.   It had 4 or 5 mice holes and I was worried about how I would mend it.  Its not a great job but worked out okay.  I am wearing the sweater daily as the wool is soft and warm.


I can remember my Grandmother teaching me how to crochet this rug as a teenager.  I think it was a large project for someone who didn’t know how to crochet but I learned.  The increases were the difficult part and I learned a lot from making this rug.  My Grandmother was an accomplished crocheter.  SHe made elaborate tablecloths and doilies. It was a passion of hers and you could see it in her work.  I have gone on to make many crocheted things and enjoy it .

This rug had a few holes from years of wear and I fixed it as best I could and it will again be on the floors of this house.


  It was made out of Aunt Lydia’s Rug yarn which at that time was cotton. When cleaning the attic I found a stash of the yarn and an unfinished piece which I hope to finish this winter.

I find mending to be an uplifting thing to do.   You are making something usable again and the memories from the piece come flooding back.  I remember buying the wonderful wool from Ceacy.  I remember spinning and making the sweater and wearing it.  Doing the rug I remember the sweet days of my Grandmother showing me how to crochet.  Priceless moments that were shared between us.

Today we are having a gentle snow, the temps are warm and it may turn to sleet later this afternoon.  The birds are very active and its fun watching them.  I hope you have a wonderful day and many thanks for reading my blog.  Carole 

Pea fowl at Pine Hill Flying to and fro Saturday while we were knitting.

Pea fowl at Pine Hill Flying to and fro Saturday while we were knitting.



23 10 2014



Torrential rains are coming down and have been for most of the past few days.  So far no water in the barn.  Trenches were dug and they seem to be holding up.


  I will keep checking it. This is part of a nor’easter that is coming up the coast.   The weekend looks lovely.  Many leaves have fallen off the trees now, this year we somehow missed the vibrant reds.  But there is still color in the woods.


We are living in a throw away society, I think that is changing now.  Blogs and you tube sites are offering instruction to mend socks, sweaters and clothes and I hope that Tom of Holland will write a book about mending.  I find mending very therapeutic.  This week because I must remain somewhat quiet I will be mending a sweater that I handspun and hand knit many years ago. And a flannel blanket that I have had since I was a child.


  My Grandfather sewed  old cloth feed bags into sheets and pillow cases all done by hand. I use them still.  I also remember he and my Uncle Roger mending their socks.


Every year around this time I wish I had saved some basil or was able to buy some plants.  While in the store yesterday I saw some on sale and quickly bought them.  Now I have Bay, Thyme, Basil, Chives and Rosemary growing on my kitchen window sill.  It will be delightful to have fresh herbs to use through the winter.  I hope I can keep them going.



You are in my thoughts and prayers in this bad time for your country.The times we live in are so hard but we will carry on.  

Many thanks for reading my blog on this rainy day, I hope your day is pleasant.    Carole  Read the rest of this entry »