28 02 2017



The long shadows of spring have arrived and most of the snow has left the mountain. The great thing about this time of year is that any snow that comes  along won’t last.


The pussy willow tree is budding out but I know that the tree is living on borrowed time and I must get a replacement this year.

The Canadian Geese are back in Greenfield by the thousands now, as I stopped to take this picture I thought in a few short months nest-building will occur and babies willhave to be taught the ins and outs of the geese life.


As I feed this sheep this morning, someone down stairs is announcing that she laid an egg..  Its theses little things that brings me joy everyday. .  Maude with her one eye happily eating her hay and carrots .  The chickens getting to go out every day now,. cats getting the most of the sun that shines in the house.

Boxes of wool sit on the porch waiting for a trip to Green Mountain Spinnerey to be made into yarn.  Another pile of wool to be sorted and added to the boxes.  Back will come bulky yarn to sell .  Lucy and   Sally’s wool is soft and will make a fine yarn.


Today I saw what I think is  animal abuse in my town .  It was shocking and left me saddened.  It’s not the first time I have seen it in this small town.  I wish I had the money to take these animals in 2 little goats shoved in a tiny space, nowhere to get out of the sun, dirty and sad-looking.  I did report this behavior but it seems that even though it is horrible it is within the law.  If only those people had to live this way.  I am hoping for arma.  This is a right to farm town but animals have some rights too, proper housing and good care are among those rights  .Ahhhhhhhhhhhhm if only I were  in charge!!!!!!!!!!!!

I have been trying to finish up the many projects I have started over the years and have finished up these two wash cloths.  The smaller one is made from handspuun cotton/linen.


I have finished the drapes for one set of windows in upstairs bedroom and am now looking at paint chips to refresh the room.  All the rooms in my house need a do over and this year I hope the house will get repainted.  I want to do it a charcoal gray with either cream or white trim and cranberry red doors.   I this the gray will hide some of the imperfections of the cement..

ON my way home from Greenfield I saw steam rising from The Sugar House on the trail .  Tomorrow they will open for a 6 week run .  I hope to get there for some good pancakes and maple syrup.   I so hope that next year I will be making my own.

Hope you have a lovely day, thank you so much for reading my blog today.  Carole











16 10 2013



Marley is wearing the latest head attire for the well dress Shetland Ram.  


It arrived yesterday and I decided to wait until breakfast today to put it on him.  It took a few minutes to get it on and adjusted and he was fidelity not from the head-gear but he wanted his breakfast.  I imagine he will have a melt down after he finishes eating.  It works real well.  I will keep it on him till I come back from the show.



I had fun making them, and only got 4 done.  t will be a test run at the show.  I want to make more primitive and folk items for my shop now.  I hope to promote the use of wool.  People have gotten away from wool using man-made products.    Wool is green, it can keep you warm and keep you dry.  Who can resist a wool blanket on a cool fall night.




The yellow leaves are now ending the beauty of fall.  Driving down county lanes your are bathed in the glow of them.  The picture of the Neon Flag is on the road to the center of Colrain.  It was done by a local artist as a remembrance of 9-11.  It is lite every night



I have done a few more hops dream pillows and today I will get things put in boxes and I hope to start some heating pads. 

Many thanks for reading my blog today and I hope you have a spectacular day.    Carole


5 10 2013




This year the leaves seem more brilliant.  It might be all the rain we have had.  They should be at there peak in another week, I hope we don’t have any winds or heavy rains before then.

I have been working on the sunflowers the past two days and hope to have the hooking done on them by tomorrow night.  


I really like making them, I will have to find the perfect stick for the stem of each of them.



In doing the bed check for the new hens I noticed that Sweet Pea had found the nest box.


 No one usually sleeps in the nest box so she will not have anyone bothering her.  This may be a habit for her.  I really don’t mind as I have two nest boxes in there and when I get the Oat Straw one done there will be three.  Plenty for everyone.

The other two new hens are sleeping with Hazel the Rooster tonight.



Country Living came yesterday.

IMG_1498  I have been so busy that I have just had a few minutes to look through it.    The latest thing in Britain is people working for farmers for a week before they take the plunge and give up their jobs.  It’s a great idea, too many people get caught up in the dream and then find it’s not for them.  This gives the farmer extra money and help and the people a good understanding of what is ahead.  Stories about sheep and cow farmers were in this months magazine.  There was also a story about bee keepers who make salves.  I definitely want to read that.  Maybe tomorrow I will sit down with a cup of tea and go through it.

Thank you so much for taking the time to read my blog, I hope you have a lovely day. Carole


30 09 2013


It was foggy this morning but cleared off to be another beautiful day. It will be at least another week before the leaves are  at their peak, looking forward to that,



I was giving one last check to the hens and into the barn walks Cornelius.    He was looking for the helmet bugs on his way upstairs.    I am cautious as is he.











Finally String Beans

The spring is such a busy time on the farm, with shearing, getting hay in getting the yard in order and a show to do right when I should be planting.  So things are very late this year.  I am lucky that there was no serious frost or I wouldn’t be picking these string beans and all would be lost.   In our area the common time to plant is after the end of May.  Next year I will plant mid-may and take my chances at least with beans and pumpkins.


Fall is here and with it comes changes.  The tomatoes are still ripening but the vines are dying off.


 Acorns are falling and the sheep do love them, so do the squirrels.  I do think the sheep get more of them than the squirrels do though.



 The days are shorter and the nights require some heat now.   There are so many chores to do and I am trying to get them done.  I am insulating the back hen-house, hoping it will keep some of the dampness out.  Windows need to be put back in the hen-house and the barn.  Sweet Annie and artemisia need to be picked tomorrow and the barn cleaned again.  Manure needs to be spread, these things need to be done soon so  I can devote the rest of the week to making things for the show in a couple of weeks.


The bumble bee’s are our in force today .

Many thanks for reading my blog and I hope you have a lovely day.  Carole and Minnie


16 04 2013


The Beavers Are Back


Three or four years ago Beavers were at this same spot.  It’s the route that most people in Colrain take to the main road Route 2.  I watched them on my way to work and back.  It was so interesting to watch their progress.  Unfortunately people do not appreciate Beavers.  Yes, sometimes they are in areas where flooding would be a problem.  But in this area at the moment no-one is affected.  I do hope they won’t “disappear” again.



I don’t know how the goat got on top of the chicken coop.  While we were there a woman with a pail of grain was coming to lure him down.

The Chickens Are Out

The front hens and Murphy are out today.  They really enjoyed being out.  There is still snow underneath the hay but that will melt soon.  I am going to enlarge their yard and will probably finish it after Camp Wool.




Today I have started preparing a couple of bins for the potato seedlings, I will have to get the other bins ready.  The potato seedlings should be arriving soon.


Many thanks for reading my blog and I hope you have a nice day.     Carole