7 04 2015


I have been under the weather for the better part of a month.  First with a torn muscle in my arm and then I got the flu again!  This flu is like no other and is spreading around the area like wild fire.  It last for approximately 3 weeks with debilitating symptoms.

During the bout with the flu i encountered problems with my bad knee and could hardly walk on it. After another visit to the doctors it left us both questioning if this was lymes disease which is a possibility or the joint wearing out or an infection in the knee itself.   I do have inflammation in my knee at all times and with some of the tests coming back good it seems that may have been the culprit.  I am taking a new inflammation herbal treatment and hope that will help reduce this problem.  The lymes test has not come back yet but this Test always comes back negative on me  I have asked my doctor to do a more specific test 

It will take some time for me to get back to my old self.  Thanks to family and wonderful friends for keeping the farm going. keeping me cheered and dropping off goodies.


Sammy resting after a night of yarn bombing and Shorty is resting after a piece of atkins cider donut

Sammy resting after a night of yarn bombing and Shorty is resting after a piece of atkins cider donut

While I was so sick Sammy had a wonderful time yarn bombing the whole house.  There is yarn from from upstairs to downstairs, around the dining room table and chairs and into the living room and back up stairs.  It will take me days to get it all wound up again. He had a wonderFul time.


The snow is almost gone with little coming into the barn this winter.  Thanks to a slow melt all went well.  We will be seeing temps in the 50’s and 60’s during the day this week.


I have called Steve and he will call me the beginning of next week to set up a time when Chris can help him.  It will be complicated this year with Elliott so we may do it in the hay area.  I a glad that I didn’t get around to getting it done at my usual time mid March.  We still had plenty of cold and snow then.

lots of wonderful eggs

lots of wonderful eggs

Thanks for reading my blog and the well wishes, I hope you are all well.  Carole