13 04 2013



Yesterday we had snow and sleet, It started off as rain and on my way to the class it turned to heavy sleet and snow.  The yard this morning is covered with snow but its suppose to be int he 50’s so it will melt.  Better weather is coming and after all its New England and in April anything can happen.



I have unloaded the pop corn  and today will get the flour and oatmeal put away.  I was asked by Patti where I got the containers.  Over the years I have collected jars and tins.  Living on a farm always includes pests like rats and mice.  They are in search of food and there is plenty of it. both chickens and sheep are messy about the food they eat and spill stuff everywhere.  SO early on most of my food was stored in some sort  of container.  I have bought them at tag sales, junk stores and people  have saved them for me.  You can even buy them at your local farm supply.    I just placed an order for salve jars and included 4 gallon jars in that order.  They quickly got filled with the popcorn and some cloves.













The Unexpected Visitor

Last night I headed out into the barn to feed the sheep their carrots and almost ran into my friend The Skunk.   I ran back into the house to get my camera but he has disappeared.  He doesn’t want people to know who he is, I am sure he/or (hope not) she is doing undercover work.  So I went up the stairs and as I was half way up I saw him go for the kitchen door and disappear.  Well I knew that I had shut the door so the kitchen was safe.  Since its arrival my kitchen smells mighty skunky, especially in my pantry.  In the pantry there is an opening to the dirt floor below covered with hardware cloth so the plumbing is easy to reach .  Upon coming downstairs I realized that the insulation had been removed  between the barn wall and the kitchen wall right on the floor line so it wasn’t visible to me before now.  He has a good entrance to under the kitchen and into the cellar.  The trick will be the next time I see him in the barn to get the entrance blocked.


How handy is this.  This little entrance goes right under the kitchen floor into the basement.  So far no spraying in the basement.


Today is the the big day for Mom.  CIndy is on her way there right now and all is in place for her to be moved at 3pm.  Hospice has done an amazining job at getting things all together at the last moment.  Her bed and all her supplies that go with the bed and wheelchair will be moved and set up at Canal View, they have arranged transportation.  I sent all the paperwork overnight so the new place will have it before Mom comes and Cindy will be with her and take her belongings  to the new place.  I am anxious to hear from CIndy how Mom is doing.  We were down there a month or so ago but I am sure the changes with be dramatic.

The boys are coming tomorrow, so a busy week is ahead.

Hope you have a wonderful day and many thanks for reading my blog.                   Carole


11 04 2013


We have had showers on and off but the river is high so Vermont must have had more rain.  This morning on a national news show they were talking about this years Hurricane season.  They think this year will be worse than last year.  I certainly hope not.  But I will try to be prepared.

Back Home Magazine


Each issue of this magazine is chock full of wonderful ideas.    The instructions for making the Pallet Garden are in there.  I am hoping to get 2 pallets soon, one for strawberries and one for lettuce.  


Cindy is leaving for FLorida on Saturday to move my Mom.  Because of her falling she needed to go into a smaller facility.  It sounds like a nice place and was highly recommended by hospice.  There are only 5 residents there and the owners live there too.     They will call me weekly with reports about her health which will be very nice.  Hospice has taken care of moving her and her bed and wheel chair.   I am very happy about this move knowing she will get the care she needs and the falls will stop.

Stocking up

Today I picked up a years supply of flour and popcorn at the co-op.  I ordered in bulk.  Both are organic so no GMO’S.

Many thanks for reading my blog and I hope you have a wonderful day.               Carole