17 09 2013



This week I picked up 50 pounds of carrots.  I want to be sure that they don’t go bad so I stored them like I would if I had a root cellar.  You will need a trash can, I have plenty of plastic trash barrels with covers from storage of fleeces and one bag of shavings.  Start with a good 2 inches of shavings on the bottom them place carrots in not touching. Cover that layer with shavings and continue layering till you are about one inch from the top and put the final layer of shavings on.    Store in a cool place.  I am going to store this on my porch till a heavy frost comes.







Today I covered the tomatoes in the back with a large piece of plastic and will leave it on, opening it during the day.  I am hoping that it will protect all those green tomatoes from tonight’s frost and make it like a little greenhouse , helping them to ripen.  I have covered the large plant near the front steps with a sheep and only have a few houseplants on the porch and they are covered.  I washed windows upstairs and closed them today, I won’t be opening them again.  I hope to finish the windows upstairs this week. I may not get this frost because I am sheltered by the mountain.  I did pick my comfrey and some sweet annie.



Annie’s Garden Center has been in exsistance for many years owned by several owners over the years.  I love the store wonderful things that you just can’t find anywhere else.  I didn’t shop there a lot maybe several times a year, once in the summer and near Christmas.  They had wonderful plants and great ideas for Christmas.  They are closing, I got an e-mail last week.  They said that the business climate changed and they may open an online business.  It just won’t be the same.  The sights and smells of the shop were wonderful.  At Christmas they had strings of lights decorating an old truck.  I took many classes there learning how to care for plants and other things.  Goodbye Annie’s, thanks for all the wonderful memories

Both of my computers are acting up, they have been for weeks but I always managed to get the pictures in somehow, but tonight its not happening.  I will have the carrot pictures in at a later date.


Many thanks for reading my blog on this chilly night.  I hope tomorrow brings you a delightful day, Carole and Minnie