9 05 2016



Sammy on his favorite spot on top of the radiator on those cold rainy days.

Sammy on his favorite spot on top of the radiator on those cold rainy days.


  After many days of cold, damp, rain today the sun is out and flowers are popping into bloom.  We will have sunny weather for the next few days so I will try to catch up on my gardening. 


week or so ago i was visiting Lil and looked up in the pasture to see Carol Kinnivan and Maude.  The I saw Sally and Lucy chasing them.  A quick run to the barn and I found that they had knocked over Maude’s fencing and were doing the spring ritual ramming.   Maude was frightened and ducking.  I got the fence put back and made sure Maude was fine.  I changed the fencing  and all was well.

On my weekly call to Dr. Stephanie we came o the conclusion that although Maude and Carol will work together , Sally and Lucky will still have to be separated.  It’s a doable thing.  They are large sheep and Maude needs time to heal.  The end of the summer will be the best time to put them all together.  SO in the next week or so I will be putting up separate fencing for Carol and Maude  They will spend their summer on the hill.  It shouldn’t take long to do and I will start the supervised visits with Carol when that is up.

Maude continues to do well.  The operation was a success and her stitches will be coming out soon.






I have a love-hate relationship with jewel weed.  As you can see in the picture my yard is over run with it.  I am trying to tackle a small section each day but the rain and damp have slowed me down.  I plan to make a couple of batches of poison ivy salve this summer.



Bleeding Hearts and Tulips

Many thanks for reading my blog on this sunny day.  Hope you have a wonderful day.  Carole

Brimfield starts tomorrow.  If you go be sure to look up my friend Susan on Quaker Acres.