29 09 2014


Its cloudy this morning with a threat of rain later in the evening.  I have sent the proposal back to the man who will fix the drainage problem.  So I hope that will be done within the month.  I am painting the porch floor and the window casings in back of the house.  The whole house needs painting.  I was much younger when I did it last but I am sure I can do it and will plan on getting it down over the summer.



Last night was a beautiful night for moon watching and star-gazing.  I sat out in the sheep yard for quite a while, watching the bats fly overhead and the sunset disappear in the western sky.  Chris installed an app that lets me see what  is in the nighttime sky overhead. I can be in the house and see whats going on .  Satellites  whizzing by, stars and constellations.  It’s so interesting.  


Well yesterday Chris and I put the no crow collar on the calmest of the roosters Mr. Peppers.  After it was on he tumbled to the ground and made all sort of wild movements.  I will call the company and see if there was something I did wrong.  We followed the instructions.  I will keep you posted.


I got a large order for wool packets out to Camp Wool last week.  She needs a Christmas Green.  After many unsuccessful attempts to get the right green today I will mix blue and yellow and hopefully get a green that will be okay.  Usually surprises in the dyeing world are fine with me, they seem to always sell but this time I am frustrated by it all. 



I put some chrysanthemums in the CHicken window box this year.  They are beautiful.  Usually i decorate it with leaves and pumpkins and I may put a small pumpkins in there. I took the impatients and geraniums out and will replant them and overwinter them in the house.  Next year I can use them again.  I am going to putty and paint the window  and install it sometime this week.  Cold weather is coming!  

Owen is now the blog helper coming in each time I am at the computer.  He gets his daily combing IMG_3799

Many thats for reading my blog today and I hope you have a wonderful day.   Carole

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