16 01 2016


Yesterday was a beautiful winters day sun in and out some clouds and not too cold. Today we are having sleet and snow won’t amount too much just enough to cause poor driving conditions.  Had quite a nice lunch out with friends yesterday and watched  a few people skiing on Berkshire East.  We have been so lucky with winter weather this year.


The inside hens are laying and I was really surprised in the difference of color of the eggs.    I really though of Helen’s and Gladys eggs were the same color but as you can see in the picture one is olive-green and the other is blue.  Love the colors.



I have a new spinning student coming to the house.  I had forgotten how exciting the process is to a new student.  It reminded me of my early spinning days .  How excited I was to find a different fleece, be it the color or breed.To make my own yarn from it, learning how to spin a fleece and to dye wool.  All these things have held my interest for well over 30 years.  I love teaching spinning and passing on this historic craft and the knowledge of sheep on.  My new student plans to get some sheep, she has thoughtfully checked out breeds and fiber and will give a couple of  lucky sheep a good home.




Wilbur has been gone over 5 years now but his presence remains through his yarn, fleece and roving.  Two of his great grand daughters are here on the farm.  Not everyone liked Wilbur he was a big, very shy sheep,   I was very fond of him and was glad to give him a forever home.  I share his remaining wool with friends these days.  My friend Sandy wanted more Wilbur wool to give to her sister, Marti  who has fallen in love with Wilbur. This was before the holidays and I forgot all about it.  I happened to see Sandy this week and Marti sent up a gift.  How appropriate.  Now I have a Wilbur mug, a sweet little bag which fits my knitting  nicely and some wonderful chocolates.  I still have more Wilbur to share.  Thanks Sandy and Marti.  




This project has been waiting in the wings for a purpose for many years.  I asked a friend to be on the look out for some small windows for the Chicken Coop.  She came back with three, two of which are in the coops now.  I loved this one and knew it had a purpose but for what!!!!!!!


I have gotten back to embroidery again and saw some transfers of chickens and ordered them.  The four windows will contain different embroidered chicken pictures.  It will make an  unique frame and interesting pictures to hang on the wall.  I am on the look out for more windows which  I think might sell.


Many thanks for reading my blog on this winter like day.  Carole