27 08 2014






Angus passed away today peacefully in the Vets office.  Dr. Funk found a large mass on his liver and we were sure it had spread to his lungs.  3 cats in 2 months is a lot  to handle.  He was 17.  I have had him since he was born.  Now I only have one cat from the Maryland family that is Shorty.

He will be missed.  Angus was and interesting car with a weird purr.  He wanted to be an only cat and for a while I thought he would get his wish. He will see his Mom and siblings Over The Rainbow Bridge.  I appreciate every day that he lived with me he brought me joy and laughter

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Thank you Ricky for helping me today.






23 08 2014



Today I canned tomatoes.   It’s a long tradition in my family.


 On steamy, hot summer days in Maryland, the small gas stove in my Grandmothers basement  was lit.  The women in the family were busy cutting and peeling tomatoes right from the garden.  As a child it seemed like a day long project they were only finished when all the tomatoes were done and the jars were on the shelves in the basement.  These women, my Grandmother and her daughters knew how important it was to have food on the shelves.  They had gone through the depression.  My Grandmother fed many Hobo’s tomato sandwiches, they were appreciative and it might have been the only meal they would have had that day.

My Mother continued the practice and I can vividly see the stocked shelves in our basement..  Jars and jars of blueberries picked from the farm, peaches from our own tree, tomatoes, beans and corn from our garden, and pickles of all kinds.  She always made Mustard Pickle with a recipe that was handed down from my Dad’s Mom.  I wish I could find the recipe.

Today I am also cooking diced tomatoes in the crock pot.  Herbs,garlic and peppers from the garden are added to the tomatoes and some diced onions from the farmers market top it off.  These will be put in packets and frozen for sauces for this  coming winter.



I am hoping to dry some peaches and more herbs.  Plan to freeze the string beans and some corn and make pickled beets.




Angus went to  the vets yesterday.  He had been having all sorts of problems.  He will celebrate his `17th birthday next week along with his brother Shorty.  His blood work and tests came back in the okay range so fluids were given and he has to take an appetite enhancer.  He hates pills and will hold them in the side of his mouth for as long as 10 minutes and then you  see him spit it out!  Dr. Funk showed me how to do it.  He has to go back today for more fluids.  He was so happy to be home.  He likes living upstairs now.

Its been raining here for a couple of days now so I did not do the farmers market yesterday.  It’s a gentle rain so that is good.  The cukes are starting to ripen and there may be enough for making bread and butter pickles later this month.  Chris will be leaving on Sunday and Ricky will be here for a few days.  He will be helping me to inventory all the family items in the house.  We will take a picture of the item and then he will write a narrative.  So many things have been handed down to me I want my family to know where these things came from.


Here is the latest photo of the boys.  They are grand roosters.  They have marvelous crows and are very friendly.  When it gets cooler they will be living with the sheep upstairs for the winter.


Hope you have a wonderful day and many thanks for reading my blog.  Carole




3 08 2014




The day started off overcast with some rain but ended up sunny and slightly humid.


Angus is back on antibiotics as his UTI wasn’t gone.  He has now gotten use to going upstairs and now spends most of his day upstairs with Willy.   I think now since he has adjusted to his schedule he will gain back the pound he lost. Today he is very happy.



 For a while I didn’t think he would get better.  With better liver tests and not quite half way through his liver medication I expect a good outcome.


I have been making felted cat toys for an order.  They are fun to make and cats enjoy them.  Shorty especially loves them and has many around the house, he carry’s them around in his mouth.  

image (84)



My Friend Deb reminded me about the movie The SHipping News.  SHe was watching again.  I have movies I like to watch again and again.  SOmetimes it the scenery sometimes its just the movie.  I watched The SHipping News again this past week.  The scenery of Newfoundland and Nova Scotia are breath-taking and I love the story and acting.  Another movie I just love is Dancing  At Lughnasa. It takes place in my favorite county in Ireland COunty Donegal. The story is beautiful with laughter and tears.  The scenery spectacular this is one you won’t want to miss its uplifting.   And lastly I love watching Under The Tuscan Sun. The scenery of the Amafi Coast is wonderful.  It’s an uplifting movie with wonderful characters in it.



Samantha and Rosie are doing well.  They are still on antibiotics and will be on them for a while.  Samantha has had a hard time leaving her Mother but now with her new friend, Rosie she is adapting.    The boys are really doing well and are going to be big roosters.  They don’t mind being handled and are friendly.

Everyday there are more and more morning glories opening and they are so beautiful.   I have decided to leave them be, they love it there so it must be the perfect spot for them and if they reseed themselves again that will become The Morning Glory bed and I will move the Herb Bed somewhere else.  The Tansy have set flowers and are getting ready to blossom which means I will have to start gathering them for fall arrangements soon in Charlemont.  When Chris comes back we will trim the willow, and crab-apple trees.  Many branches are rubbing against the house or the roof.  I still have wood to cut up but it seems every day it rains.  I hope we will have a sunny week and I will get that chore done.

Many thanks for reading my blog and I hope your day is wonderful.  Carole



9 03 2014




Yesterday I spend part of the day getting this wheel back in shape.  I do love the Ashford Traveler wheel and have owned one since the late 80’s.  This one however is heavier and is different from mine.  I have got it up and running and have spun a bobbing of wool on it last night.  I oiled it heavily yesterday and it will be ready for a student to use today.


I have my old notes from when I taught Spinning at Hampshire College in the 90’s.  I think its  time for a do over.  This class is not starting from the drop spindle so it may be a little more difficult for them.  I like to give clear instructions so when they are at home they can refer to the notes.  We are going to start with washing fleeces.  Today most people just buy roving and it could be that the class will not want to do that and its okay but I want them to have the information on hand.  When I learned to spin in 1983 I never thought about owning rabbits sheep, goats or a llama.  Spinning has brought me the life I love and I hope that it will to these students too.

I couldn’t resist taking this shot of Angus last night in his favorite chair.


Many thanks for reading my blog on this sunny day.  Hope its sunny where you .live.   Carole