31 01 2014




I bought this book in the late 90’s and am using it more lately  It is put out by W. Cushing & Cushing the dye company.  Written by Emma Lou Lais and Barbara Carroll.  I am going to use at least one of the formula’s today in dyeing a green.  The book has formulations using Cushing dyes and there are pictures of the color it will become.  When I first started chemical dyeing I only used Cushing.  One dye package would dye wool, silk and cotton, it made it economical.   They changed the dye formula in the 90’s and I then I started using Pro Chem dyes and have been using them ever since.  I now use Cushing again and this dye book helps me get the primitive colors I want.  The book is still available and a quite handy dye book to have around.  You should be able to purchase it from any Rug HOoking store or directly from Cushing in Kennebunkport, Maine.  


It is with great sadness that I announce that Camp Wool is not going to be held this year.  LeAnn worked very hard but just couldn’t find a venue for us this year.  The one we had used before had increased their prices and she wants to keep it affordable for everyone.  I am sure she will find another place for next year. I look forward to it so much its one of three Rug Hooking events that I attend and enjoy.  Going to Maine gives me a chance to visit my childhood friend Francine and my Sister in-law Rita.  I look forward to both those visits so much  Well I hope to incorporate them in my trip to Nova Scotia.



I took this picture last nite as she was getting ready for bed.  She is quite good and is eating and drinking well.  I really think she enjoys being in the kitchen where there is activity. My friend Anne from Ireland gave me some great advice and today I will pick up a soft toothbrush and brush her legs.  

WILD HORSE ADOPTION CONFERENCE  will he held at Tufts at the end of March.  For all you people who are interested in Mustangs go to the Wild Horse Adoption website.  It’s great to have it in our neck of the woods.


When I finished winding skeins last night I though I had so much of it done in reality there was not that much.


 I only did green and purple and will do some more purple tomorrow.  I want to do reds and blues too


The material came out great.





Hope you have a wonderful day and many thanks for reading my blog.  Carole


30 01 2014


The temp will be in the upper 20’s today and getting close to the 40’s soon.  My Friend Louise from Montreal said that she had a temp of 20 below.



Hester is a favorite hen of mine.  She is lovable, and so friendly and loves to be held.  SHe has been acting odd for a few days now, so I took her in yesterday.  She may have some mites on her legs but no one else has them, I haven’t been using the DE as I was before and will get back to doing that, and I will have to spray all the perches.  I do scrub them down every couple of weeks but I think a good dose of DE will stop them in their tracks.  I do think there is something else going on with her, she might have had a fall.  She is in my kitchen on the cat bed, really enjoying herself as its near the radiator.  She is eating and drinking and talking up a storm.    She is a chatty girl.  She is the hen that they took too much beak off she has managed to eat and drink , it really is sad what they do to those little chicks. anyway she seems happy enough being inside for now.



The yarn arrived from Peter Patches and its beautiful.  Today I stared to unwinding it .   It took me half the day just to do 2-1/2 pounds.    Tomorrow I plan to dye some of it, purples, blues and greens.  I am not weighing as I unwind whatever weight it is I will price and sell.    I bought some of the prettiest light green while I was at Deanne’s studio and have used it in the Blueberry Jar rug.  It really added texture and depth to the rug.

Many thanks for reading my blog today and I hope you have a wonderful day.   Carole

Chris is coming soon, looking forward to his visit, hope we can take in one of Tea’s games.


29 01 2014



The piece is done.  I like the way it came out and thinK I will make some more signs.    I will back it with a piece of wool, I haven’t decided how I  will hang it yet.



I have a large selection of dye books and want to share some of them with you.  Most are for natural dyeing which I did a lot of when I lived in Belchertown, Ma.  and its something I want to more of this year.

DYE PLANTS by John and Margaret Cannon

Published first in 1994 in association with The Royal Botanical Gardens, Kew.  It has wonderful illustrations by Gretel Dalby-Quemet.

It’s a detailed dye book with many plants such as White  Water Lily, Woad , Black Oak, Heather, Ivy and many more.  On the page across from the information there is a picture of the plant and the colors that you will get, just like on the front cover of the book. I found the book with a new cover on Amazon for $18.00 used and $24.95 new. 


I would like to try Eucalyptus and White Water Lily and raspberries this summer.

The Weather

Its turned bitter again and temps will again be in the below zero numbers tonight.  I went to the grain store today to buy some more sheep grain and they had seed and supplies for growing your own out.  It’s hard to think of spring with this kind of weather.


Europe’s largest fire festival was filmed today,  I had planned to watch it and totally forgot, I am hoping to stream it tomorrow.  For those of you who are interested in it go to uphellyaa.com.  This looks like a fun festival to be enjoyed even if your can’t attend.

Many thanks for reading my blog today and I hope you are warm tonight  Carole


28 01 2014


We are having a day of warmer weather today.  I can go out in the barn with just a  light jacket on.  Tonight the polar express comes back again


I have been buying yarns from Peter Patches for years.  I recall my first adventure there. The owner is a happy many who knows his inventory inside and out.  He is located in an old mill building in central Rhode Island.  I didn’t go there with a list but was weaving back then so cotton was the thing at the time.  There were I think 3  warehouse floors of huge boxes of fiber  He knew where everything was and would send you to the appropriate floor and area. You would dig through bins 3 feet high full of yarn oh it was so much fun.  It was all reasonable myself and friends loaded up on pounds of weaving and knitting supplies.  I have been twice and haven’t ordered in a few years but the last few times I ordered I called and asked for mohair yarn and he said he would look for some and  if I didn’t like it I could send it back.  A few weeks later a package of some beautiful yarns were in my hands.

Today I ordered some yarn to dye and maybe make into kits or just sell off the shelf.  Maybe a little bit of both.  He is mailing it out today so it may be here tomorrow.  There wasn’t much left as someone out west ordered 400 pounds of it and he may never get it again  He always has more of something similar.  A fun adventure even if it’s by phone.



Today I got a lovely note from Johnny Shields of the Donegal Wheel Fame.  He must have read my blog about the wheels and wondered if I still had one of his Father’s wheels.  His note made my day.  I hope to get back to Donegal some day, it is my favorite place to visit in Ireland and if I was 20 or so years younger I would move there in a minute.

Many thanks for reading my blog and I hope you have a wonderful day.   Carole


27 01 2014



This week while going through my rug hooking projects I found the unfinished rug hooking sign.  Then while going through some boxes of fiber I found the remains of my first yarn that I sent out.  Then it hit me, I have held onto these remains for years not wanting to compost them but never knowing what to do with these short ends.  I needed a background color for the sign and they will go together.  The yarn that was made many years ago is what I am making the socks for the class out of.  It was all my Border Leicester flock and my goat Timmy combined, a good strong sock yarn.  I have few skeins left now and will keep them for socks.  I am so glad that I have found a place for the wool ends and I plan to use the sign at shows.




Ii’s below zero this morning, the sheep got some grain .  Expecting numbers in the double digits below zero this coming week.  The hens in the back of the barn are a little warmer since I insulated that part and because I added a vent it isn’t as damp in there  Their water was almost frozen while the water in the front coops was frozen solid.  Meanwhile Hazel, Mrs. Brown and Milly are enjoying the comforts of the warmth of the  upstairs  south bedroom, its like a Florida vacation to them with room service and all!  


If you haven’t gone down to Sheep and Shawl and you live in the area you should stop by  The shop is loaded with yarns, some local and all sorts of wonderful wooly things.  It’s a great place to take a class or drop in  knitting or spinning.  I finished the sock and brought it down today.



While I was there I was thinking about all the yarn that she carries.  She is still trying to get more local yarns and I will put Lucy and Sally’s yarn in the shop when i have it done.  But yarns from far away and  the shepherds with small herds who contribute their wool to make some of these yarns what interesting stories each of them would tell.  

Many thanks for reading my blog today and I hope you are staying warm.  Carole