6 10 2014


I thought we were going to get  a frost last night but we didn’t  It was quite chilly.  I need to pick the rest of the cukes soon and get them made into pickles.  I Put the new dog house for the roosters together yesterday and now will work on their small enclosed  winter space.   In a week  I plan to move the outside hens inside so the rooster area must get done.



This months Yankee Magazine has some wonderful articles in it.  One in particular caught my eye.   The Mohawk Trail is 100 years old this year. So many wonderful times were spent on the trail.   It was a great distance from our Holyoke home in our Chevy Sedan.  My Grandfather and Uncle Roger, Mom and Dad and myself piled into the car early in the morning, a picnic lunch packed and we would enjoy the drive with many stops at local souvenir shops and look outs. My friend Francine joined us on many of the trips and when my Cousin Gary’s family came  to visit this was one of the day adventures.  Lost of things have changed on the trail but its still as beautiful as ever and the tourists still come.


I finished one box of tomatoes today and have started on the last one.  I am drying more tomatoes to put in the rosemary/olive oil mix.


 It will take a lot of tomatoes to fill a jar.  And I have another pot of tomatoes, eller, garlic and onions cooking .  



Yesterday Gary and I went up to a friend’s house to pick up some lumber that would work for the area around the rooster house.  On the way there was this remarkable tree.  The tree has lots of rot but still grows.   It reminded me of life ,going through life brings some hurt and sadness which seems to take a little of our hearts, but most of us survive that and we keep on growing.  Just like this tree.  



Lots of turkeys around lately.  Many thanks for reading my blog on this chilly morn.  I hope you have a wonderful day.   Carole