12 12 2013



More snow is arriving Saturday into SUnday.  They are saying 8-10 inches but they have  said that for the past two storm and we haven’t got much.  Its gotten very cold and yesterday the wind went right through you.



They finished the chimney yesterday and did a beautiful job,  It looks so much better than the last chimney that was just put up helter skelter, not even tied into the house at all.  They are craftsmen who take great pride in their work.


My fellow blogger Colette recently wrote a blog about the high prices of electricity in Ireland.  Electricity and oil prices are soaring these days.  Lots of people heat with electricity there now and I asked her about the program that was in place many years  ago where peat/turf would be delivered to elderly and poor people.  I thought what a wonder thing for the country to do but not surprising to me as Ireland is known for taking care of her own everywhere in the world.   Well when they got in with the EU that stopped.  They cited pollution as once of the causes .  They discourage people who have turf on their properties from cutting it. Well I am sure turf fires causes pollution but so does wood stoves,   The air in Ireland is much cleaner than it is here.  My cousin Gary saw an article about all the pollution which comes to us on the eastern seaboard from the mid west which don’t have very good regulations on controlling pollution on their coal-fired plants.  Its amazing to me that they can continue to pollute and not care enough about other American citizens to do anything about it.  Its becoming the American way, take care of yourself and forget about everyone else. 

As the gap between the rich and poor widens I wonder what will happen in 20 years.  WIll it become like mid-evil times or worse.


I have been thinking of my trip to Nova Scotia this summer.  The ship from Portland will be running again.  I may drive up to  Amherst and then take the Ferry back.    Planning adventures is so much fun.  SInce the class is only one day I think we will spend just two days in the Amherst area and then go down by the sea.   The ferry leaves from Halifax .  Nova Scotia is such a wonderful place with so many things to see, it will take careful planning to make it an exciting trip.  I really enjoyed the 13 hour drive there,which was surprising to me as I really can’t see how a 13 hour drive could be anything but boring.  We didn’t take the super highway there we got off the Maine turnpike and  went the coastal route.  By beautiful ocean views, evergreen covered highways and many blueberry plains.  We stopped here and there along the way.  I am looking forward to the class and the trip with CHris.


They are both doing well and are enjoying being inside.  They have fallen in love with the frozen rice and veggie mix and have both put back their lost weight.  I think that Hazel has improved since the new medication and hope this will be the one that gets rid of his problems.  

I hope your day is wonderful and I appreciate that you are taking the time to ready my blog.   Carole