13 10 2020


What a year for us all. Who would have ever thought of a pandemic and horrible divisions of our county. I have been extremely careful, have seen friends and family at a social distance. Luckily my Son and family live next door so I am not like a lot of other folks . I hope you are all safe and continuing to thrive through this ordeal. We will come on the other side but we have to listen to the Doctors who know best.

I miss all the shows that I use to do and going to rug hooking events. I hope that next year we will see the end of this sad time.


My son’s American chestnut tree had an the biggest crop yet and the crop is on its way to a few Chiefs in the Boston area. My acorn tree sounds like little bombs on the barns metal roof, I am picking up acorn tops every day. My Grandpa use to say that a year with lots of nuts means a long and hard winter.

Fall is here and so many things to do. There was an unexpected bumper crop of pumpkins on the farm. They look wonderful and will be great in pies.

We also had a bumper crop of those nasty yellow jackets. Stinging me at 3 different times. You never know where their nests are because they are in the ground. I stepped on a nest twice. With that i couldn’t go near the garden so not much was salvaged.

A good crop of garlic this year and I did freeze red raspberries which were in abundance.. We picked blueberries 3 different times and they are in my freezer. I did freeze a bushel of corn and leeks, string beans and tomatoes. The freezer is full and I love heading into winter that way. I think there will be a time when I will stay home and not go out this winter.


The Crafts of Colrain will be online this year. Please join us by checking into the Crafts of Colrain Facebook page. My Grandson Ricky is working on slide show from sheep to yarn. I will post it here when it is done.


Wow this has been a year of additions. Cats and Hens


Mama Violet was the cat I was feeding that came into the barn each night. My son and I tried to catch her last year but was unsuccesful. When she started eating three cans of cat food per day I knew kittens were coming. She was a wonderful Mother and raise some beautiful kittens.

When they were about 7 weeks old I caught all 4 of them and brought them inside. I was able to catch Mama too and took her immediately to my Vet, Brookside Animal Hospital where Dr. Funk fixed her. She has made no effort to return outside and if she wanted to do that I would have let her , that was her life. But after years and years of having kittens she was done.

Her kittens are also here. Two are tame and the other two were gotten later and are skittish. I hope that i can get them tame any suggestions would be helpful. They terrorize the whole house and are into mischief every second.


Every year I get two or three new hens. Last years and this years came from Winterberry Farm right here in Colrain. I have not had much success in raising white birds and I don’t know why. So when she said she had a white bird I politely declined. But with much thinking I decided to try one more time. Lulu is suppose to lay chocolate colored eggs. She is quite the looker with feathers on her legs. She knows her name and adapted well. New hens go into a smaller area outside Until fall when they will be put in with a flock. Lulu had wanderlust and kept finding a way out in the evening. Many times she would be on the outside of the coop like a beacon for hawks. Enough was enough and she was moved inside with the gentle flock and is doing well. I have become quite fond of her she is quite a character.

Yesterday I noticed a flock of robins probably getting ready for their journey south. The chipmunks are gathering nuts . Leaves are at their peak here and falling gently to the earth. Soon winter will have a grip on us and my pellet stove will be going full force. I hope and pray you are all safe . Thanks for reading my blog.




2 responses

13 10 2020
Eliza Waters

Nice to see your post with the latest news, Carole. Your kittens sound lovely, the one shown is so beautiful. and Miss Lulu looks sweet as well.
Strange times we’re living in… may we make it to the other side and better times!

14 10 2020

I hope to do more I love blogging but time slips away from me. Glad to hear you are doing okay.

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