30 01 2014


The temp will be in the upper 20’s today and getting close to the 40’s soon.  My Friend Louise from Montreal said that she had a temp of 20 below.



Hester is a favorite hen of mine.  She is lovable, and so friendly and loves to be held.  SHe has been acting odd for a few days now, so I took her in yesterday.  She may have some mites on her legs but no one else has them, I haven’t been using the DE as I was before and will get back to doing that, and I will have to spray all the perches.  I do scrub them down every couple of weeks but I think a good dose of DE will stop them in their tracks.  I do think there is something else going on with her, she might have had a fall.  She is in my kitchen on the cat bed, really enjoying herself as its near the radiator.  She is eating and drinking and talking up a storm.    She is a chatty girl.  She is the hen that they took too much beak off she has managed to eat and drink , it really is sad what they do to those little chicks. anyway she seems happy enough being inside for now.



The yarn arrived from Peter Patches and its beautiful.  Today I stared to unwinding it .   It took me half the day just to do 2-1/2 pounds.    Tomorrow I plan to dye some of it, purples, blues and greens.  I am not weighing as I unwind whatever weight it is I will price and sell.    I bought some of the prettiest light green while I was at Deanne’s studio and have used it in the Blueberry Jar rug.  It really added texture and depth to the rug.

Many thanks for reading my blog today and I hope you have a wonderful day.   Carole

Chris is coming soon, looking forward to his visit, hope we can take in one of Tea’s games.