4 01 2015


Canadian Geese cleanning up the cornfields in Greenfield.

Canadian Geese cleaning up the cornfields in Greenfield.


I have noticed that Elliott is not walking as well and called a friend who knows a lot more about LLamas than I do.  SHe was worried that it may be the meningeal worm which is carried by white tail deer.  But after a closer look she thinks its arthritis.  After all he is almost 20 which is the age when bad things happens to llamas.  

I have had many old animals, each is different in things that happens to them.  Elliott still gets up and eats and moves around.  I will have the vet come and he will make suggestions and I will also check out the internet to see of other things I can do.  He has been the best LLama and I will give him the things he needs to make his life more comfortable.   


Tonight a winter storm is coming , snow sleet and then rain and tomorrow’s temps in the higher 40’s.  I am hoping that rain does not come into the barn.  Then we are in for a spell of cold weather.  I have already gone through a cord of wood.  I will have to get another cord at least.  Next year maybe 4 cords will do me.


I bought this feeder a few years ago for a very low price on e-bay.  I thought that it would work out in the barn but it didn’t.  I looked at it for a while and thought it would look good as a small tea-table next to my chair in the livingroom.


But its taken me all this time to find a round tray for the top  The metal tray was all rusted and came from my Cousin Bertie.  Ricky drilled a couple of holes in the middle and Chris sanded it and now this is a piece of folk art.  I do love it

The chickens have been enjoying these extra days out this winter.


I hope you have a wonderful day and many thanks for reading my blog. Carole