15 06 2016


Summer days are upon us with bright blue skies and balmy weather.  I am still planting my garden, better late than never. I took this picture of Charlie the Chipmunk this morning.  I was wondering where all my tiny strawberries were.  His mouth is covered with  juicy strawberries.  There is plenty for all.




Next years hay for the sheep is in the making now.  I have found a reliable farm to buy my hay from.  A farm that has been in existence for over 100 years.  The farming practices have changed with the times.  From Milking cows to hay, compost and straw.  Its long grueling work but so satisfying.  John takes good care of his fields and has a long list of people whom he sells to.   Below is a picture of the hay in progress.



Progress has been made on the Seamus Rug.  I hope to finish it this coming weekend.  I hope to get a class gong at SHeep and Shawl but first have to make a small sample.



On my second time up to the barn this morning I noticed that Maude and a pink spot on the side of her face.  Now she could have gotten this from rubbing on the barn door.  Her fleece is very greasy and that can be itchy.  I looked up onto the hill and saw a piece of a fence that had popped up.  It must have been buried and with all their walking and eating it came to the surface.  It was easy to pull up and all is well.



Maaaaaaaaaaaa there is not enough clover in this hay was the morning call from Lucy

Maaaaaaaaaaaa there is not enough clover in this hay was the morning call from Lucy


I am giving the small South Bedroom a through cleaning and decided to wash the quilt.  No easy job as it entails taking out the stitches of the bottom and removing the wool batting.  While attempting to do that I see some wear and tares  in  some of the fabric.  An easy job may take days to fix.     I will spend the afternoon and evening getting it back in shape.

IMG_6832 Many thanks for reading my blog today and I hope you have a lovely day.  Carole


3 01 2013


It was way below zero last night, thank goodness there was no wind, that would have been worse.  I awoke this morning to a semi warm house no different than usual but found that one of the cold water pipes in the  kitchen had frozen and my washer wasn’t working right.  It was filling up with water just didn’t want to go through a cycle.  I couldn’t open the barn door and the water coming  into the barn is frozen.

There is one cat that isn’t bothered by winter…….SHORTY


This was taken last night.

Winter isn’t the time to talk to me about owning an old house.  Any other time of the year I will tell you how much I love it but in the winter, I am always threatening to the heavens to sell this place.  I thought I had settled the water problem upstairs in the barn but twice in the last week I have had to carry 10 buckets up the stairs to fill the sheep’s water.  I will have to find a solution to that.  The frozen pipes thawed out slowly when I removed the contents of the cabinet and got the wood stove going.  I finally got the barn door opened late this afternoon and the washer is going again.   The sheep are outside and prefer to eat snow instead of drinking water and there is still enough water in the bucket to last till tomorrow when I was told it will be in the 30’s so water may move freely then.



I have been cleaning out the yarn and wool room getting the looms out and came across this box.  Its is full of quilt tops and a  old quilt that my Grandmother made.  She was a seamstress, made and sold men shirts in the 20’s and 30’s.  I have a couple of jars of her old buttons too.  I will eventually get the tops made into quilts  and somehow clean the old quilt and repair it.  Also inside the box was my Uncle Roger’s army hat with his name stamped in it.  Finding these treasures brings back so many good memories.




Many thanks for reading my blog and I hope that you have a wonderful day.  Carole


16 12 2012



I finished the quilt today, I like the way it came out.  I think Oliver will probably use it.












Some years ago I saw this draft dodger make out of a print of cats.  I looked and looked for that print and never found it.   The only thing I could find was individual cats that you would stuff.  I bought the fabric and cut it out and made an attempt to make the dodger and ended up putting it away.   I found it yesterday and the kitchen door really needs something  on the bottom to keep the cold air from coming in.  The door is the original door on the house so I really don’t want to replace it.

This is as far as I got today and hopefully tomorrow I can finish it.  I had saved a plastic bag which was long and thin to put the sand in.  You really need something heavy to keep it in place.  I got sandbox sand last summer.  I was able to sew one end of the bag and I fill it and will sew the other end when I have most of the sewing done.  The rest of the cats will be filled with wool.  It won’t be like the one I saw but it will do the job.   I have another one that is made with some fabric that I love.  That one was a lot easier to make and all I have to do is fill another bag of sand and stuff and sew the ends.  










I am thinking of making some smaller ones maybe out of quilt squares for some of my windows (where the sash meets the sill)  The windows are original to the house.  I have combination storms and screens on almost all my windows and would love someday to have new windows.  The cost for each window installed is around $800.  That will have to wait.


David and the boys went out  to a tree farm and got a tree today.  I haven’t had a real tree in many years.  It’s a beautiful tree and quite local.  Tonight was decorating night and Lil stayed awake for it.

Bad weather is coming tomorrow, sleet, snow and maybe some rain.  The annual ATHA Rug Hooking Pot Luck was canceled.  Members live far and wide and when its raining in Amherst it probably would be snowing here.  It’s reschedled for January.

Hope you have a wonderful day and thank you for reading my blog.                           Carole




15 12 2012


Today upon hearing of the terrible murders at Newtown Elementary School in Ct, it is almost beyond belief.  How could someone kill those innocent children and teachers and school officials?  It will take a long time to comprehend this.  As a parent of 3 children and a grandmother it has to be the worst thing that could ever happen.  Something that you would never get over.  Tonight when I say my prayers I will say some extra ones for the family members.  Now may not be the time to discuss gun control but something has to be done about the wrong people being able to get a hold of guns, unfortunately we now learn that these were his mothers guns.  More questions……….


In the spring of 2006 my Mom and my two daughters and I went to Ireland.  It was the second trip for my Mother and although looking back she had some problems then, she came through the trip with flying colors.  We stayed in a condo in Ballyvaughn, County Claire, right near Galway Bay.  It was a beautiful  trip and was to be our last trip together.  Although Cindy and I travel to Ireland yearly my Mother and Betty have not returned .  Cindy and Betty went into Galway one day and Mom and I stayed at the Condo, catching up on wash and we took a nice walk, I remember the day, it was a beautiful spring day.  The girls came back with this sheep fabric.  3 yards of it I think.  I always knew I was going to make something for the bed so today I got it out and am making a simple bed quilt.  It’s almost finished just have to do some tying to keep the blanket inside secure.  It will be a perfect addition for the bed upstairs and always remind me of that trip.








I am trying to finish the many things I thought I could tackle while working full-time, taking care of the animals and trying to keep a small business going.  Many things were left undone in those days, with my bad knee I spent many a weekend in bed.  Those days are gone now and I am glad to be able to put them behind me and get these things  done.  I am compiling an inventory of my sales items, working on making things every day and I am  going to make a brochure and hopefully get going on the web site with an addition of pay pal.    It’s really nice to do the things you love.  

I also made a pillow today, my son bought the front piece, which I think as a placemat and I made it into a pillow today.





I appreciate all of you reading my blog, and hope you have a wonderful day.        Carole