28 01 2014


We are having a day of warmer weather today.  I can go out in the barn with just a  light jacket on.  Tonight the polar express comes back again


I have been buying yarns from Peter Patches for years.  I recall my first adventure there. The owner is a happy many who knows his inventory inside and out.  He is located in an old mill building in central Rhode Island.  I didn’t go there with a list but was weaving back then so cotton was the thing at the time.  There were I think 3  warehouse floors of huge boxes of fiber  He knew where everything was and would send you to the appropriate floor and area. You would dig through bins 3 feet high full of yarn oh it was so much fun.  It was all reasonable myself and friends loaded up on pounds of weaving and knitting supplies.  I have been twice and haven’t ordered in a few years but the last few times I ordered I called and asked for mohair yarn and he said he would look for some and  if I didn’t like it I could send it back.  A few weeks later a package of some beautiful yarns were in my hands.

Today I ordered some yarn to dye and maybe make into kits or just sell off the shelf.  Maybe a little bit of both.  He is mailing it out today so it may be here tomorrow.  There wasn’t much left as someone out west ordered 400 pounds of it and he may never get it again  He always has more of something similar.  A fun adventure even if it’s by phone.



Today I got a lovely note from Johnny Shields of the Donegal Wheel Fame.  He must have read my blog about the wheels and wondered if I still had one of his Father’s wheels.  His note made my day.  I hope to get back to Donegal some day, it is my favorite place to visit in Ireland and if I was 20 or so years younger I would move there in a minute.

Many thanks for reading my blog and I hope you have a wonderful day.   Carole