16 09 2013



Yesterday was my day at the BIG E.  I worked in the Massachusetts Building at the information booth.

september 15 029

 I passed out thousands of brochures about places to visit in the state including The Crafts of Colrain brochure.  I had a good education of the many places to see just in my area.  I am planning a visit to Emily Dickinson’s house soon.

september 15 028

have to say that I haven’t been to the Big E and the State Buildings in years.   Things really have changed, gone are the Christmas trees and fresh Wreath’s in the Maine building so were the blueberries, all that was left of them was pies. The lobster in salt water tanks were also gone so was the smell of the ocean.  The animals were also gone.  In their place were vendor booths selling their wares.    Commercialism was what it was all about.



 The Massachusetts building was the same, where are the trout tanks and  the animals of our area where were the cranberries!!!!!!!!!  The trees you could take home and plant.  The BIG E was started as an agricultural fair, I wish it would return.

 IN the Massachusetts building was the Granges.  When I was a child Granges were an important part of a small town.  Now they are dwindling.  The old folks who kept them going are dyeing out.  I guess as one gets older we are saddened by the loss of things that we hold dear.  We can’t change things but we can keep them alive by sharing these things with other generations.


september 15 030

Oh my I don’t know if I should be glad or sad.  It just means that more cat beds and toys need to be made.  Over the years whenever I see a cute material of cat prints I would pick up a yard or so, sometime if there was a special sale I would get many more yards.  I am still find those and will continue making the beds for a while yet.


I have stopped doing business with the bank of america.  I am tired of their CEOs making a disgusting salary charging all those fees.  I have gone to a local bank, Greenfield Cooperative Bank.  A bank where the employee’s aren’t paid to be friendly they do it naturally and are local people.


My friend Louise alerted me of this wonderful thing Martin Clunes (of Doc Martin fame) is doing.  He is hosting a program about The Island ‘s of Britain.  The first episode is about THE SHETLAND’S.  Another island mentioned is Rathin Island off of the coast of Northern Island.  I have tried on several trips to Northern Island to get out there but the weather was always too bad to make the trip.  Most of my visits to Ireland are in late November so that probably is the reason.  Only 80 people live on the Island now and there are only 4 children in school.  A new family moved  there from the main land and he now runs a boat back and forth to the main land so that people can now work off the Island.  I do hope the island can revitalize itself.  So many islands in Ireland are not inhabited anymore.  You can google Islands of Britain and you can find the show there.  He is as hysterical in this as he is in Doc Martin.  I admire Martin Clunes he never let fame go to his head.  

Many thanks for reading my blog and I hope you have a wonderful day.    Carole