Flowering Maple Quilt Squares Lavender Sachets

9 09 2012


I bought this Flowering Maple 2 years ago.  It has done well in spite of my traveling. It bloomed most of the winter.  I keep it in the sunniest room in the house and it requires a lot of water.











I bought these sweet quilt squares on e-bay.  They are only 4 inches square but are hand sewed.  FOr the past several years I wanted to have quilt square sachets.  I thought it would be a nice addition to my other items.  I recognized many of the fabrics from seeing my paternal Grandmothers quilts.  She was a seamstress and made quilts out the leftovers.  I have 3 of hers to put a backing on.  She died in her mid 60’s so sadly I never got to meet her.

I am also sewing all my weaving  overshot samples too.  How many of those do I need.





It was a lovely day here today, nice temps and a breeze.  My son and I cleaned out the bottom of the barn.

My evaporator for making maple syrup is stored in the back.  He and I plan to make Maple syrup.  There are plenty of maples in the back.  We will probably use tubing, when I lived in Belchertown and sugared I hand carried buckets every day.  Can’t do that these days. I might put up one bucket close to the sheep’s area I love hearing the tap-tap tap of the  sweet liquid going into the bucket.

Have a wonderful day and thanks for stopping by.