22 12 2013


I have been under the weather for a few days and am now feeling much better so its back to one of my favorite things blogging.

Today we are shrouded in by fog.  Its eery and wonderful.  We are having almost spring like weather and the snow is melting slowly.  It will be winter soon enough.




They had their last visit to Dr. Connor on Friday.  She pronounced they both in excellent shape and Hazel is certainly back to his old self protecting Mrs. Brown.  They are a couple and everyone at the clinic enjoyed their antics together.  Dr. Connor said I am so glad that they are both well but I will miss their visits.  I am so grateful that people told me of the clinic, everyone is so wonderful there.

They are so used to traveling now, they are relaxed when they get there.  I stopped at River Valley Market on the way home and bought them a blueberry bagel.  They ate half of it before we got home!


Well the lamb isn’t coming.  The man who had them said that the lambs were just to active and was going to bring over a 160 pound sheep..  I really don’t think I could get a 160 pound sheep in my car and it’s probably better this way.  I do need to get another sheep in the spring or summer and it needs to be a BOrder Leicester.  I am selling  and using a lot of  Leicester wool and would rather raise my own.


All my packages are in the mail, card still not quite done and now it’s getting the house in order.  I have a few more items to get and make but have plenty of time.  Christmas eve is the live Manager scene at my Son’s church with the whole family participating.  Lots of Company expected with Chris staying the week.

Thank you for reading my blog today, look for new and exciting things to happen on the Farm in 2014.   Hope you have a wonderful day.   Carole