4 09 2015


We had a few thunder storms with some rain.  We are lucky to have had the rain other parts of Massachusetts had none and everything is drying up.


Freezing tomatoes is easy and in the winter time they taste so fresh.  I like to freeze some in slices and some diced and then I freeze some sauce.  The slices and diced are easy.  Take the peels off and slice the tomatoes.  Put them between a towel and pat to dry.  This will take out the excess moisture.   Place them on a cookie sheet and into the freezer.  I do like the cookie sheet method as then I can take out only what I need.  It doesn’t take them long to freeze and into a zip lock bag or container till you need them.  



I have this beautiful porch which I hardly use.  This year I am trying to get into the habit of sitting out there with busy work or doing some spinning.



IMG_5722The Franklin County Fair has  been going on for many, many years.  Its an old time fair with lots for everyone to see.  They have a large Craft tent and I have been asked to come.  This year I took up my friend Carol’s offer and took a booth space.  I am looking forward to being there.  I will spend the next week getting stuff ready.



I have been friends with Charlie since the mid 80’s.  Took many herb classes at his wonderful old house in Ludlow.  My first trip to Ireland was with he and another friend Kathy.  Lots of memories and wonderful times that we all had together.  He stopped by for a short visit yesterday.  It was great to see him.

Many thanks for reading my blog today and I hope you day is wonderful.   Carole


6 10 2013



I finally was able to contact my spinning teacher Deb Robson on Facebook today.  She has arrived in The Shetlands and is getting ready to teach at the conference.  The conference seems to have a main theme with all its presenters.  Getting wool back to its rightful place in the world.  Since man-made products wool has lost some of its appeal. Now with more and more small farmers getting into raising sheep questions come up about what to do with it and how to make it into useful items.  These questions and more will be answered at the conference.  There will also be someone talking about Soay Sheep, a breed which I have been interested in for some time.  Soay Sheep are one of the oldest breeds of sheep and have not been crossed on the Island they live on, St. Kilda.  There have been recordings of them in the Bronze Age providing wool and food.  It sounds like a great conference and looking at the map where events are to be held there is a Morrison Pier, I wonder if a long-lost relative lived on that Island and that is why I am so drawn to it.  For more information on the conference go to

Bits and Pieces

I haven been packing up bits and pieces of wool fabric.  A bag full of different colors and kinds of wool fabric.


 Ready for penny rugs or rug hooking.  If I lived another lifetime I would still have left over wool.  Its time to spread these around.

Jane and Harry’s Party

Today is my friend Jane and her Husband’s Anniversary/Harry’s birthday party.  Harry And I share the same birthday.  Even though it was misting it wasn’t too bad.  There was a large tent and plenty of room for everyone under it.  I visited with Ula and  DIck friends that I don’t see often .




We had a good time but left before the cake, Lynn had her dogs to take care of and I had the sheep to feed.


I appreciate you taking the time today to ready my blog, hope your day was lovely.     Carole







25 06 2013


Mon and Friends

Yesterday I received a letter and a picture from my Mom’s childhood friend Bea.  Both were brought up in a small town in Maryland.  Perryville is located right on the Susquehanna River.  Wonderful times were had by my Mom, her friends, her sisters and brother.  There were dances across the river in Harve de Grace, swimming in the river, eating Crabs on a hot summer day.




Bea sends  mail to me and I forward it to Mom.  She will be delighted to get the picture.  Even though I say Mom has dementia she really has hardening of the arteries and has her moments of  forgetfulness.  She remembers her friends Gil and Bea








Francine is my childhood friend..   Our Mother’s were friends and we are friends.  Its comforting to have someone who knows you throughout your life.   We were both only children, our parents were inspirations to us both.

Life on the Farm

Today Chris and I repaired the damaged chicken fence.   When the pasture was done he pushed the fence in and the gate fell off.  It was time-consuming but it would have taken me a lot longer to do by myself.   We put up a bird house in the Herb bed and I planted the rest of the tomatoes.  I still have to plant some more pumpkins but that will be done another day.  I  hope to get the hammock up  tomorrow and we plan to go to Funk Shun to add some things and take some things out.

We had some nice rain last night and are expecting some thunder showers tonight.   Many thanks for reading my blog and I hope you have a wonderful day.     Carole



24 06 2013


Picking Spearmint


I picked spearmint early this morning.  It’s in the dehydrator now.  I enjoy the tea so much in the winter.   I planted the spearmint 2 years ago and it has spread nicely.  It is half a yard away from the peppermint so it’s a true spearmint. 

Sailor’s Valentines by Deb

My friend Deb is multi-talented.  When she first told me about the Sailor Valentine class I vaguely remember  a history class where that was talked about.  They were  originally made between 1830 and the 1890’s.  Some of these still can be found in antique shops.  Sailors often brought these shell craft souvenirs home for their loved ones.  They have come into vogue again and now there is workshops where you can learn this art form.   As you can imagine it is a time-consuming process with delicate shells that form patterns.  The end results are exquisite.  The following pictures are examples of Debbie’s work.

IMG_0647 IMG_0649













Today is my grand-daughter  Tea’s 16th birthday.  Where did the time go…….

Its hot and humid here and we are in for quite a few more days of it, summer has arrived.  My friend Susan’s son is a fire-jumper and has just traveled to Alaska to fight a huge fire there.  

Many thanks for reading my blog today and I hope you have a wonderful day    Carole


21 06 2013


Yesterday my friend Susan  stopped by for a visit.  We are like two peas in a pod, like the same things, did a lot of traveling me to Ireland she to Nepal, we love wool of any kind and our houses are full of it.  We had a wonderful day visiting here then we went down to Funk Shun where she is having some chairs done over by Christa.  Turners Falls has changed so much over the past few years, it certainly is an arts and crafts town now.  We are making arrangements to get together again so she can go to Cranberry Moon Farm and we can spend time in Turners Falls.  She was able to buy some things to take to Brimfield in July.

Lillie Pad

Lillie Pad has arrived.   SHe is quite shy and is checking out the bedroom where she will be staying  while Chris , his brother and Mother are in Montreal.


When Chris comes back he will be spending the week with me and Ricky will be getting ready to attend a summer session at Eagle Hill School. 









The Skunk

Late yesterday afternoon the skunk came out and went into the front hens yard.  Murphy was besides himself, scurrying the girls into the other part of the fenced in area.  Crowing and jumping up and down did little to deter the skunk from looking for grubs.   I got him out of there by squirting him and made them come in.   Today I fortified the area, I don’t think he can get in there again.

Minnie Bisbee is my computer helper.  Every time I get on the computer she is right next to me.  She is gaining back the weight she lost.  The kidney food seems to be helping her.  I hope her numbers come back up.

Many thanks for reading my blog and I hope you have a wonderful day.   Carole