3 09 2017


We have  had mornings of nippy fingers and today its a cold, damp rain.  We need it though as things were getting very dry.  I can’t believe it’s already September.  


This garden has been neglected this year and I am weeding and remaking the garden paths, tying up the apple trees and trimming them.  I am hoping to plant some beets soon.  The blueberry bushes produced  more berries than I ever got.

 I am cutting the  spearmint and tying it into bundles and drying it up in the barn to freshen up the chickens nest boxes during the winter.  I have other,mint plants in the front yard to do the same with.  After they are all dry I will mix them with lavender and a few other herbs and store them, keeping a few branches to hang in the coop  It does help to keep the coop smelling better during the long winter days.


Every year at this time I think about a nice greenhouse for the chickens to go in during the long winter.  More space to run around and some fresh air.  I always get so busy in the fall and it doesn’t get done.  I bought a make your own greenhouse book at the Library Book sale at the Heath Fair and I am planning on seeing what I can do.  Nothing elaborate and something I can put up and take down every year.    I would like to find some old windows.  It takes time and I never seem to have enough of it in the fall.


Our community lost a friend, mentor and Volunteer Fireman Harry Dunning.  His wife Jane took loving care of him through the long illness.  The service for him was beautiful and inspiring.    In sadness there is beauty and it surely was in that Church on Saturday.  


I will be vending at the fair this year again.  One thing that I have done is take an old ,broken down wooden tool carrier and fixed it as best as I could and pickle painted it.  It will be perfect for my bags of wool for needle felting .    I look forward to the show, good company and lots of excitement and return customers makes it a fun weekend.  Pan to have lots of new handmade items there.


Today hops and catnip are being dried in the dehydrator the smell permeates the house.

 Catnip did well where I placed it this year, plenty of sun is what it needed.   I bought some Pennyroyal from Sue Bates also and it is living near the catnip and it loves it there.  Its next on my list to dry.  Susan has the best plants and always brings them to The Massachusetts Sheep and Wool show.   She is at Brimfield this week, check out her booth at Quaker Acres.

I picked a pail full  of hops this week and they will be going into dream pillows today.

The small Hazel Nut tree produced a box full of nuts.  They are safely in the car for drying, which was the suggestion on the internet.  I think I got them just in time as some of them were ripe.


I am now getting Roma tomatoes and today will get them in the freezer.  Peppers are on the agenda too and so far I have one large bag in the freezer.   I need about 6 large bags to get me through the winter.



Morticia and her daughter Violet have been nesting for months now.  I have separated the side yard chicken area and they along with Opal who had the sneezes when I got her, will go outside in the converted dog house tonight.    They all need to change their life styles!!!!!!!In another month they will all come in and I hope to have the big front coop separated so the Bantams have their own space.  Eventually I hope to have all Bantams as they need less room and require less work..

Many thanks for reading my blog today.   The leaves are just starting to turn on Route 2, It looks like a fabulous fall.  Carole








21 08 2017




A tragic accident in our little town has shaken the town to its core.  There has been many accidents on that same stretch of road and many scary near misses but this time there was a death. It reminds us that we need to appreciate even the smallest things in life.  A meeting will be held tonight and there will be  discussions about what can be done.  The state feels this road is not dangerous I wonder if one of the people making that decision would feel that way if they lost their brakes or started skidding on ice.  We are so removed from Boston politics here!




The second field of corn was ripe and two bushels were ready for me to freeze.  The question of the day was should I blanch it like I usually do or freeze it right off the cob.   According to the internet blanching is best to keep the taste the longest.   Wednesday and Thursday of last week I did  over 140 ears.  All of it is safely in the freezer to be enjoyed over the winter.  Now on to tomatoes and blueberries.


  A wonderful fair with Horse pulls, fried dough, and a parade, Firemen’s muster and so many other things.  This was the 100 year of the fair(well really 101 but in 1942 the government  asked that no functions be held where people would gather because of the polio epidemic.) I got lots of spinning done and met lots of wonderful people . 








Thanks to Verizon and Direct TV for being the worst companies in terms of service.  The  other day it was raining so I could not stream anything or get any info on the internet.  This happens every time it snows , rains, is overcast, kids come home from school. work hours end and on weekends.  They know this happens but we  in my area are in a bind its all we have.    The great news is in a year or two they will have competition and I  for one will probably switch.  

And for Direct TV, thanks for charging me 70 dollars a month for 10 channels the other 190 you couldn’t pay me to watch.  And the same thing goes for the rain, snow, overcast no local channels work and some of the others don’t either.  It would be nice to get urgent weather info but oh no.  This will change for you too direct tv .  New things are coming on the market making your services obsolete.

Many thanks for reading my blog on this beautiful summer day.  Carole


14 08 2017





Freezing sweet corn , drying lemon balm, digging up  garlic,picking tansy and artemisia, waiting for the tomatoes to ripen are some of the things I love about summer.  the house smells of herbs and flowers .


On Saturday my youngest daughter, Betty had to put her beloved horse Beamer down.  He was a beauty who came to her as a young horse from Western Canada.   He was the perfect horse for her.   A registered Morgan who was loved by everyone who met him.   The decisions that we who love our animals more than life itself have to make are never easy, but they have to be made for the animal sake.  Run free Beamer you and Betty will be together again someday.


It all started with a ride to Brattleboro, Vermont to look at appliances.  We didn’t have much luck there but we did see a sign saying doors and window for sale.  This was Deconstruction Works of the former renew store.   We asked about cabinets and he said to follow him on Facebook and so I did  In less than a week he  had cabinets from a home he was working on.    $250. for 6 pieces seemed like a bargain price.  They were a darker maple color and it came with a counter top and sink.


Measurements were taken and they would fit nicely.   I plan to get a new counter top and will have the new/old sink that I bought put in it.  Now they are on the porch awaiting the other things to get done  I really like the idea of reusing and the trip to Newfane, Vermont was delightful.  The house was located on a muddy dirt road with a wonderful field and meadow and beautiful views.  It had a lovely large birch tree close by and a huge stone wall.


Yesterday I went to visit friends and wind a warp.  Charlie and Ken live in a lovely cottage by the side of a babbling brook.

And there are many wonderful gardens.

 Charlie wanted to weave again and I told him about the Structo Loom used by The Springfield Weavers to show people how to weave.  He remembered seeing the group at The Massachusetts Sheep and Wool Fest this year.    A couple of weeks ago he purchased on   eBay and  yesterday I wound a warp for scarves out of mohair boucle.

  There is enough warp to weave 4 or 5 scarves.  Ken made a delightful lunch and Charlie and I spent a delightful afternoon.

Heading to the Heath Fair on Saturday.   Come and visit me at the large tent.  I hope to be spinning.  Many thanks for reading my blog.   Carole






17 08 2013


Ricky is here.  The boys and I went up to drop my things off at the Fair last night.  I am hoping to finish my chicken nesting house there.  We are in a tent and every year we demonstrate spinning, weaving, rug hooking , quilting , knitting and other things.  We also sell a few things.  Its great fun and nice for the people to see what is going on in neighboring towns.    I visited the Heath Library tent and gave them three bags of books and in turn bought a few.   $1.00 for hard cover and $.50  for soft covers.

heath fair  chicken nesting basket 003


 This is always a stop for me, as I love books so much.  Last night was the tractor parade, it’s so interesting to see all the tractors and after this they have a tractor pull and fireworks.

heath fair  chicken nesting basket 002

heath fair  chicken nesting basket 001











Today we are back at the fair, its much busier today, the boys watched the horse pulls and I worked on Mrs. Brown’s new nesting  basket.  I worked on it for over 3 hours, I just have the back to do.  Its made out of oat grass.

heath fair  chicken nesting basket 004

Its a little wonky but I think I will soak it and try and reshape it when its done.  The top will have a point .  I left the oat seed on thinking Mrs. Brown might want a snack while laying her egg.

  Would do a lot of things differently and a lady mentioned that cat tails would make a wonderful one.  Years ago I braided cat tail leaves and made baskets in the winter.  I really think I will try that.    It was a fun day for all of us.  Tonight we are have smores cooked over David’s fire pit.

I think the flowers are exceptional this year.  I caught a bug just leaving the rose.

heath fair  chicken nesting basket 007

heath fair  chicken nesting basket 005




Thank you so much for reading my blog today and I hope you have a wonderful day.