26 09 2012


I saw a picture of a cat like this many years ago.  I always wanted to make one for the door.  I started him 2 years ago and he ended up at the bottom of the pile of hooking.  I am trying to get some of these old projects finished and it just took an hour or so to finish him.

He will guard the door till Halloween is done.


My Grandmother was great at crocheting.  A hobby which my Mother never took up.  SHe made everyone in the family crochet tablecloths.  They were beautiful.  SHe did a lot of other crochet  things too.  I have a lot of my Mom Mom Morrison and my Grandma Utleys hand work.   I never met my Grandma Utley but I have many of her quilts and quilt tops which I am slowly finishing.  My Mom Mom taught me how to crochet and I still have the first rug I made with  Aunt Lydia’s rug yarn.  These are things that should be handed down in families but what does one do with doilies now days.

This is a perfect solution for those little pieces that seem to get lost.  This one in particular kept showing up and disappearing again, finally this time when Icame across it I decided it was time to do something about it and found this perfect frame.  I am going to get some of the other pieces out of their storage box and pick ones that I want to do the same thing with.  That way I can always be on the look out for the perfect frame.

My Dad’s sister, Delia was also very talented in the needlework department and I have several of her things also.  Even though I have never met her I feel close to her.


Ernest seems to be on a slow road back to  himself.  He certainly is sick of me poking and prodding every time he turns around.  He goes to his vet on Friday.  I have many questions about kidney disease now and will do more research on the internet before I go.

THE GARDEN                                                                          I was so lucky with the Morning GLories, I have so many colors, from light pink to deep purple and they have knocked down my bed post.                                                  Hope you have a happy day and many thanks for reading my blog.