6 11 2017





Getting ready for winter, shows and The trip has kept me busy   The weather has remained reasonably warm so getting things cleaned up in the yard has been possible  Not to say that I am done but I am not wearing mittens and



There are still people who don’t believe in climate change, to me its astonishing .  I never remember having rains like we have had this year  It comes down in bucket fulls  I am so grateful that the grading of my land in back of the barn has worked, although several times this summer I have had to remove dirt  Last week alone we have had two storms with winds and torrential rains  Trees have fallen and electric has gone out, rivers rising to their banks and in a few days it’s all normal again      We have done it to ourselves and now have to accept what is happening   I do hope that we can figure out a way to not use fossil fuels


The weather has been perfect for tick breeding and there are tiny ones all over the place   On a Friday night several weeks ago  my arm ached and when I went to look at it I found a tick deeply embedded with swelling and redness around it.  My son tried to take it out but it was in deep so a trip to the ER was necessary   I have been holding onto a RX of antibiotics and hoping to start them after my trip  Taking antibiotics for  long period of time is a balancing act.  Probiotic’s have to be taken either two hours before the antibiotics or two hours after  Who wants to be thinking of that while on vacation.  Well I will be doing just that and glad that I found the tick and hope that I started the med’s in time to avoid symptoms.  I really wish that Lyme’s disease would be addressed seriously  One doctor at the clinic I go to told me antibiotics was a waste of time obviously he has not had lyme’s disease or he wouldn’t say such a thing.    Anything you can take to alleviate  the symptoms is worth it


Last week Charlie and I spend an hour trying to round-up 5 Bantams and on regular size hen   What a calamity  The ground was muddy and very slippery from torrential rains from a few days ago.  The chickens decided that they want to remain in the caravan.  Finally we got them all and they are safe inside the barn.  There area is temporary but safe.  They look like a bunch a sad sacks for a while but now have gotten  adjusted.


The plumbers came last week and within three hours I had a water connection and new forgiving pipes from the cellar.  The new to me door is on and the drywall is up.  It is snug and warm in there for the first time in 19 years!   The counter top is here  and the faucets will be bought this week and the stove comes on Thursday.   It certainly is an experience putting in a new kitchen, not for the faint hearted, but now I can see an end and its coming out quite nice.  Family and friends have gotten me through.  Soon the plants will be back in the windows and everything will be easily accessible and in working order.  


Come visit me for the Crafts of Colrain next Saturday and Sunday.  You will be greeted by a sign explaining the kitchen and the porch will be loaded with boxes of kitchen things and cabinets etc.  But this is real life on the farm and the dining room and living room will be inviting and cozy.  Hope to see you here.


Many thanks for reading my blog on this rainy day.   Carole







3 04 2016


The faint mountain in the distance is Mount Tom which is located in my old home town Holyoke,  A wonderful place to grow up.  This is taken from Shelburne  more than 20 miles away.


Winter weather has returned for a few days.  The winds are blowing off the mountain this morning making it feel even colder.  Wood smoke is in the air but alas it won’t last.  Spring birds are here huddling together to keep warm the bird feeders are full to keep them going through these few days.



Mr. Peppers and Phoebe

Innocent looking for sure

A couple of days ago I was tidying up the back coop listening to Mr. Peepers and Phoebe chatting away  then I heard a strange sound.  I hurried out the back door and they were nowhere to be found.  These days I can’t run with these bad legs so it took me a few minutes to get around the side yard.  There they were as pleased as punch with themselves walking along and scratching up bugs as they went.  I tried to get them but they FLEW away!!!!!

By the time I got around to the other side of the house they were half way up the mountain having the time of their lives.  This time of year the creatures that live on the mountain are pretty hungry.  There would be no chance for the two of them unless they flew to the tree tops.  I ran to get Lauren and she came with Lil and chased them many times up and down the mountain and to neighbors houses.

Mr. Peppers found a wonderful spot on top of my neighbor Larry’s garage.  There he sat so proud of himself crowing.  With Larry in tow we continued the chase for about an hour.  We were all getting exhausted and so were the birds.  Just in the nick of time Tyler came home from school.  He loves birds and knows so much about all kinds of them, and within 15 minutes he had caught the two of them.  The two of them looked like they were going to pass out with all the fun and merriment.  They are safe now and when this bad weather is gone I will be out fixing up the covering that had blown off.  It will be much more secure from now on end.  And at some time I will need to trim their feathers.


Lil has been waiting to go to school like her brothers.  Friday was an open house.  She was so happy.  So many new things to try, and in that one hour I think she tried them all.



Many thanks for reading my blog on this snowy windy day.  Hope you have a wonderful day. Carole