29 08 2012


This morning after all the animals were fed and a wall in the dining room painted we left for my appointment with Danielle at Heart and Hand for some body work.  The boys checked out some stores in Greenfield.   I wanted them to have lunch at The Farm Table at Kringle Candle.   I had been there once before with some friends.  All the food is local and mostly organic.  Everything is extremely fresh and cooked to order.  It’s a beautiful atmosphere.

The boys had a desert called TAKE 5 and we highly recommend it.




We ended up at the candle shop and purchased a few candles.                 Putting up the snow fence. Chris and I put the snow fence around the outside chicken.  I have been wanting to do it for over a year.  With the help of Chris it was done in an hour.  It would have taken me most of the day.  Last night I was putting the two hens that are  out there in bed and it was almost dark.  My son, David who lives next door came out with a brighter flashlight and told me not to go into the yard.  There, running away was a skunk who had been enjoying the hens corn on the cob.   Everyone likes corn!  I realized that I really need to get the snow fence up as another barrier to the wild beasts.   The fence will grow some hops and scarlet runner beans next and the reclaimed land will host some other plants.  Maybe raspberries.   Ricky was busy helping David put some things in a dumpster he just rented.   Tomorrow we hope to finish the caravan and have the hens in it.  The boys are winding up their time here and will be leaving here tomorrow afternoon.  I surely will miss them and all their help.