9 11 2015


The warmer weather has gone for the time being and its a bit chilly in the mornings.  I am busy getting ready for The Crafts of Colrain which is this coming weekend, so far the weather looks great for it.


It seems that this past month I have been going to Greenfield  a lot.  Picking up 25# of Oatmeal for the Chickens, several appointments, and I have been parking in a parking lot.   In cracks in the pavement are milkweed ready to send off their seeds.  Each time I am in  town I pick off a branch and bring it home to spread around my yard.  Its a good feeling that hopefully some of these seeds will take and more beautiful Monarch’s will be around.




Birthday wishes are popping up everywhere.

  Liz of Sheep and Shawl gave me this wonderful book, The Chicken Chronicles by Alice Walker author of many books including The Color Purple.   A wonderful story of life with Chickens.  I am thoroughly enjoying it.


A surprise  box in the mail yesterday from my friend Jan contained a book she though was perfect for me.  The Stillmeadow Road by Gladys Taber.  I  have started it and love it.  Its about a woman who buys an old farmhouse with blinders on ( sort of like me) and takes you through the fixing up the trails and tribulations of her dogs,cats and gardens.


I want to learn more about this author and read some of her other books.


My friend Debbie went on a wonderful trip to Nova Scotia and went to Deanne’s shop.  She brought me back this wonderful sheep pattern.  I just love it and am now thinking of how I can do it. I can’t start it till after the first of the year by then I hope have it all figured out.



Okay so I said I wasn’t going to get anymore sheep. I promise this is the last one.  I just couldn’t resist this one.  Her name is Annie, which endeared her to me right away.  We called my Mom Annie for the last several years of her life.    She was in a breeding program to promote better sheep and wool.  She is half English Leicester and half Merino.  One can only imagine how wonderful her wool will be.   She is only 2 which is nice.


She will fit in nicely with the girls and offer me some really wonderful wool to turn into yarn in two years time.

Here is another sheep that is looking for a home.  My friend Lisa, who raises beautiful sheep is downsizing and Sorrel needs to find a home.  I wish I could take her but 5 is enough.  


I don’t know how anyone can resist her.  She is beautiful and an English Leicester.  They are the nicest sheep

Many thanks for reading my blog, there seems never to be a dull moment around the farm, never expected another sheep to fall into my lap.  Hope you have a wonderful day.   Carole




6 11 2015


It has been such beautiful weather and it continues for another day or so, before some cooler but not cold weather comes.  Then another bout of warm weather next week.


These few are done and ready to tag.  I sold them some years ago and are fun to make.  Used to put hot dishes on the pad is full of  fall and winter spices.



In 2011 I went to Nova Scotia to take a class from Deanne Fitzpatrick.  It was a wonderful drive.  I took the highway to Bangor and then took the scenic route from there.  Up and down  evergreen covered mountains, passed fields of low bush blueberries turned crimson and scenic ocean vistas.   I fell in love with Nova Scotia, the people and the land.    If I was younger I would have moved there.  

The class was exciting and Deanne was wonderful to each class member.  We did short travels around Amherst and went to PEI for a day.  On our travels I picked up this Cookbook.  There it has sat on my bookshelf full of cookbooks.  I go through my cookbooks every year sorting out ones that I don’t use and finding new homes for them.  This year I had to move the bookcase and put the Blueberry cookbook to the side.    When I had time I looked the book over.  The author told stories of how she came to write the book, it as so interesting with lots of tidbits about Nova Scotia scattered throughout it..  This gem is full of blueberry recipes, I know you will enjoy it.  The Blueberry Cake recipe was great.  You can get it on Amazon.





Here is a blurry picture of Cosmo with his very own cat nip toy.  He was having a great time and no one was gong to take it away from him!


Many thanks for reading my blog on this warm day.  Carole



25 09 2014


The sky tonight was so beautiful.  In the north-western sky it was oranges and yellows and in the south-western sky it was red and blues.  I just love it when I have some time at the end of the day to sit and enjoy it.


There is a wonderful trip to Nova Scotia next September and I am hoping to go.  It’s a 6 day bus tour leaving from Vermont.  It’s a rug hooking tour and we will be stopping at Searsport Rug Hooking Shop in Maine, Deanne’s studio in Amherst, Nova Scotia, Cheticamp for 2 nights and Encompassing Design SHop and of course we couldn’t miss seeing the enchanting Peggy’s COve.  The scenery will be breathtaking.  If the bus is full the rates are very low and its all-inclusive.  I will start saving for it now.  Even if you are not a rug hooker its a great way to see lots of Nova Scotia.

Nova_Scotia_P._3 (1)


She is determined to be a Mother again.  In the morning she will fly out of the nest box and run around squawking getting a drink and quickly eating.  Getting back to her two little eggs as quick as she can.  I put plenty of hay in the nest box and she almost buries herself in it.  Tonight Mrs Brown has joined her.


The freezer is in the kitchen but not before all the herbs were taken out of the herb cabinet and it moved across the room.   The move was timely, at this time of year I like to look through all the herbs and refresh them.  This year I dried spearmint, sage, parsley, basil, cilantro, and dill.  I really didn’t think that I would like the arrangement but it made more room and looks quite nice.  I will finish it up tomorrow.


photo (45)

They arrived yesterday and I will put them on the two young roosters over the weekend.  They are not harmful and I think may help the roosters to ive a longer life.  Roosters need to take a huge breath to crow.  The breath is about twice the size of a normal breath.  This collar will not allow them to take such a deep breath and while they will still crow it will not be of that loud volume.  I think this is a wonderful thing.  People always have roosters they love but live in the city and can’t keep them, The collar is lightweight and simple and in no way harmful.  I will let you now how it works .

Many thanks for reading my blog today , I hope you enjoyed the day.   Carole



12 12 2013



More snow is arriving Saturday into SUnday.  They are saying 8-10 inches but they have  said that for the past two storm and we haven’t got much.  Its gotten very cold and yesterday the wind went right through you.



They finished the chimney yesterday and did a beautiful job,  It looks so much better than the last chimney that was just put up helter skelter, not even tied into the house at all.  They are craftsmen who take great pride in their work.


My fellow blogger Colette recently wrote a blog about the high prices of electricity in Ireland.  Electricity and oil prices are soaring these days.  Lots of people heat with electricity there now and I asked her about the program that was in place many years  ago where peat/turf would be delivered to elderly and poor people.  I thought what a wonder thing for the country to do but not surprising to me as Ireland is known for taking care of her own everywhere in the world.   Well when they got in with the EU that stopped.  They cited pollution as once of the causes .  They discourage people who have turf on their properties from cutting it. Well I am sure turf fires causes pollution but so does wood stoves,   The air in Ireland is much cleaner than it is here.  My cousin Gary saw an article about all the pollution which comes to us on the eastern seaboard from the mid west which don’t have very good regulations on controlling pollution on their coal-fired plants.  Its amazing to me that they can continue to pollute and not care enough about other American citizens to do anything about it.  Its becoming the American way, take care of yourself and forget about everyone else. 

As the gap between the rich and poor widens I wonder what will happen in 20 years.  WIll it become like mid-evil times or worse.


I have been thinking of my trip to Nova Scotia this summer.  The ship from Portland will be running again.  I may drive up to  Amherst and then take the Ferry back.    Planning adventures is so much fun.  SInce the class is only one day I think we will spend just two days in the Amherst area and then go down by the sea.   The ferry leaves from Halifax .  Nova Scotia is such a wonderful place with so many things to see, it will take careful planning to make it an exciting trip.  I really enjoyed the 13 hour drive there,which was surprising to me as I really can’t see how a 13 hour drive could be anything but boring.  We didn’t take the super highway there we got off the Maine turnpike and  went the coastal route.  By beautiful ocean views, evergreen covered highways and many blueberry plains.  We stopped here and there along the way.  I am looking forward to the class and the trip with CHris.


They are both doing well and are enjoying being inside.  They have fallen in love with the frozen rice and veggie mix and have both put back their lost weight.  I think that Hazel has improved since the new medication and hope this will be the one that gets rid of his problems.  

I hope your day is wonderful and I appreciate that you are taking the time to ready my blog.   Carole


Sandras Royal Christening Robe-LEN’S MEMORIALCHRIS RETURNS

28 07 2013


Today I want to share something special with you.  Visiting the Shetland  Isles is on my Bucket list.  And while I am there I would like to visit the premiere yarn company making Shetland Yarn, Jamieson and Smith.  I have used this yarn for years in various projects, not knowing that one day I would actually own Marley who is a Shetland sheep.  When this blog arrived in my in box this morning I knew that I wanted to share it with you.  I hope you enjoy the article and  the beauty of the shawl.

Sandras Royal Christening Robe.

Len’s Memorial.

My friend Lynn’s husband passed away recently.   He was 92 and lived an interesting life  He was a boiler designer by trade.  He and she both were great helps to me when I first arrived here.   The house was full of emergencies then, this and that breaking.  They always came when I called.  My sheep spent many a wonderful summers on their land.  We called it summer camp.  Len lived a wonderful life, with his beloved wife and this wonderful land.   I hope you enjoy the picture of this day.  The Memorial was planned with everyone in mind, family and friends gathered.  It was a great day to remember Len and visit with family and friends.  This picture is of some old and a new friend sitting on the studio porch.




This week I got an e-mail from Deanne Fitzpatrick that she was holding a one day event in July of 2014 with Kaffe Fasset.  For those of you who don’t know of his works please visit http://www.kaffefasser.com .  I have been following him for years his colors in knitting and fabrics are astounding.  I thought about it overnight and decided why not.  I e-mailed and the 1 day hooking class was filled within a few hours.  Oh my could I get on a waiting list?  Yes I could and Deanne is trying to get him for another day.  I got an email late in the  day  Wednesday that I was in the second day, yesterday I called and gave them my information and they told me that this class was full with a waiting list too.  Its a year away but oh how exciting. I will be planning my trip to a place I love Nova Scotia throughout that time.  He and his assistant will help you draw a pattern and pick out your colors.  There is a book signing on Friday night and I think I will attend if there is room. 

Chris Returns

Chris and Lilly Pad return today.  It will be good to have them back.

I hope you have a wonderful day and many thanks for reading my blog.  Carole